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Behind the scenes comedy ‘Loc Dinh Ky’

Actor Chau Tinh Tri was taken aback when the director asked him to act in the scene where Ly Gia Han stuck his foot in his nose in “Loc Dinh Ky”.

Based on HK01two comedies Loc Dinh Ky and Loc Dinh Ky 2: Dragon Religion God 30 years since his debut, this is a milestone in the golden age of Hong Kong cinema. Both works were “stormed” in 1992, rated positively by the majority of audiences for their quality, despite being filmed for a short time. There, Loc Dinh Ky 2 completed in just two months.

Behind the scenes comedy 'Loc Dinh Ky'

Chau Tinh Tri and Lam Thanh Ha in “Loc Dinh Ky” 2. Video: Gold Harvest

Early in filming, writer Kim Dung (1924-2018) – the original writer – faxed the film crew, with the content: “No one is more suitable for the role of Vi Tieu Bao than Chau Tinh Tri”. Director Vuong Tinh revealed that when selecting an actor, producers considered Tony Leung Trieu Vy because the actor received the love of many viewers with this role in the 1982 TVB version. Choosing Leung Trieu Vy was a safe step to secure box office earnings.

However, Vuong Tinh thought that Luong Trieu Vy was handsome and handsome, not the best choice. The director said: “If Vi Tieu Bao is handsome, he doesn’t need to play tricks, he doesn’t need to work hard for other people to like him.” He chose Chau Tinh Tri because he was “less handsome”.

Chau Tinh Tri on Loc Dinh Ky poster.  Photo: Mtime

Chau Tinh Tri on the poster “Loc Dinh Ky”. Photo: time

On the set, Vuong Tinh thought of a number of details that were not in the script, such as the episode where Vi Tieu Bao was put in his nose by A Kha (Miss Ly Gia Han). When the director suggested the scene, Chow was dumbfounded, thinking for a moment. After that, the actor asked only one question: “Director, are you sure that Ly Gia Han played alone, without using a stuntman?”. Vuong Tinh replied “definitely”, the new actor agreed to act.

Before filming, Chau Tinh Tri joked with the beauty queen: “Gia Han, I’ve washed my nose three times.” The actress replied, “I wash my feet too.” Gia Han also trimmed his toenails so as not to injure his co-stars.

Scene from the movie Loc Dinh Ky 2

The scene where Chau Tinh Tri’s leg gets stuck in his nose in “Loc Dinh Ky” 2. Video: Gold Harvest

In the early 1990s, Chau Tinh Tri was one of the actors in the scene mafia. During this period, he was threatened by a number of organizations and threatened to act at the discretion of the underground organization. Director Vuong Tinh revealed that the crew should focus on protecting and ensuring the safety of Chau Tinh Tri.

The two works also resonate with a collection of the most famous beauties in the Chinese entertainment industry in the 1990s, including Lam Thanh Ha, Truong Man, Khau Thuc Trinh, Ly Gia Han, Tran Duc Dung, and Vien Khiet Doanh. .. Lam Thanh Ha was then sought after by the success of the film Arrogant Gypsy: Dong Phuong Bui Bai. When asked why she accepted acting in the film Vuong Tinh, the actress replied: “I didn’t act because of Vuong Tinh, I came only for Chau Tinh Tri”.

Both films modify many details compared to Kim Dung’s original film, but are not criticized and belittled by swordplay fans. On the contrary, the work was praised by many viewers for its creative, humorous expressions and talented cast. Page time commented that after 30 years, some of the humorous pieces are no longer appropriate for the era, but that both films are still rich in content and artistic value. Loc Dinh Ky harmonize elements of music, art, and pencak silat scenes as well as rich in satire, condemning bad habits and vices in society.

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