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Belgium decided to spend another 1 billion euros on defense

According to the Belgian newspaper l’Echo, this extra expenditure is intended to strengthen defense capabilities between now and 2030, including the development of a cyber security unit in the Belgian army.

Belgium made the decision on the eve of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization summit (NATO), scheduled to take place on the same day in Brussels (Belgium).

According to the newspaper, the extra spending is also aimed at replenishing fuel and ammunition stockpiles, military equipment and supplies, as well as improving Belgium’s intelligence and information systems.

The Belgian Army plans to recruit 2,500 soldiers in 2022 to strengthen its army force, which currently stands at 25,000.

NATO member states are required to spend 2% of their gross domestic product (GDP) on their annual defense budget. Belgium currently spends 1.2% of GDP, and the new spending will bring its share of defense spending to 1.54% of GDP.

Belgium decided to spend an additional 1 billion euros on defense - Photo 1.

Germany is expected to spend a record-high 2022 defense budget. (Photo: DPA)

Meanwhile, according to the draft budget published in mid-March, Germany will increase defense spending to a record high in 2022. According to sources from the German government, the budget draft discussed in the German parliament will spend more than 50 billion euros ($55 billion) on military spending this year and this is The country’s defense spending is at a record high.

In addition, the German government announced plans to create a “special fund” worth 100 billion euros, drawn from the 2022 federal budget, to modernize the armed forces from this year.

At an extraordinary session of the National Assembly, before announcing increased investment in Germany’s armed forces, German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz emphasized: “We need to invest more to ensure security. security of the country”.

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