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Best time to drink honey

Sweet honey is a favorite dish for parents or children. However, when it is best to use honey when experiencing problems, not everyone knows.

When you’re tired

Of all natural foods, Dear provide much-needed energy to nerve cells. The fructose and glucose in honey can be quickly absorbed by the body and improve the nutritional status of the blood, especially after staying up late.

The best time to drink is during the day.

Honey has many benefits for the body.

Honey has many benefits for the body. Photo: 163

When you drink alcohol

Honey contains a type of fructose that most fruits don’t have. It can increase the breakdown and absorption of alcohol, so it is very useful to help you wake up quickly, relieve headaches after drinking alcohol.

Eat a spoonful of honey or a honey-soaked biscuit before drinking alcohol. After drinking alcohol should also make a glass of warm honey water.

catch the flu

Honey has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, lung tonic and cough-reducing effects. It is considered an excellent cough suppressant. When you have a cold and cough, use thinly sliced ​​pears, mixed with honey to eat, several times a day.

When the digestive tract is not good

Honey can increase the normal secretion of gastric acid, as well as increase intestinal peristalsis, which can greatly shorten the time of defecation. Drink 25 grams of honey on an empty stomach every morning and evening to improve the digestive tract.

Honey improves the digestive tract.  Photo: 163

Honey improves the digestive tract. Photo: 163


Glucose, vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium in honey can regulate nervous system function, relieve nervous tension and promote sleep without side effects.

You can regularly drink a spoonful every night before going to bed to sleep better.

pale skin

Honey is an ideal skin care product that is widely used by women. Can provide nutrients to make the skin elastic and can kill or inhibit bacteria on the skin surface.

You can mix a spoonful of honey into a spoonful of grape juice, add flour to make a mask, which helps brighten and smooth the skin. At the same time, when you notice pale skin, you can drink a glass of honey water before going to bed.

High blood pressure

Honey can nourish the heart muscle and improve the metabolic function of the heart muscle. When high blood pressure, it is recommended to drink a glass of honey water every morning and evening.

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