Billionaire Elon Musk also received a valuable asset from his mother

Parents’ upbringing can influence how a child matures into a person or not. According to a survey from a population group, good parents, who successfully raise their children early, often have three outstanding common characteristics, which are considered “treasures” as follows.

Smile – A valuable asset given to children

In many interviews, billionaire Elon Musk mentioned his mother, Mrs. Mayer, with special respect. The Tesla CEO said that the most permanent and impressive image for him is always seeing his mother with a smile on her face.

Billionaire Elon Musk shared: “When the three of us were in college, I knew she was going through a difficult time. However, she never once complained. The image that is always there when I see my mother is that she is always smiling and happy.”

It was the “electric car tycoon” who affirmed: “This attitude is the most valuable asset a mother has given to her children.”

As can be seen, a smile represents optimism and joy. When parents often smile, the atmosphere of the whole family also becomes more positive. A smiling father and mother will always give their children faith, love and hope in life.

3 treasures of good parents, whoever owns enough, their children will soon succeed, so people: Billionaire Elon Musk also received a valuable asset from his mother - Photo 1.

Professor Hong Lan, who is working at National Taiwan Central University, commented that: “Because a mother is the soul of a family, her smile is also the most important oxygen. .”

The family is always filled with warmth, optimism and positivity, and every member benefits. It is an important “nutrient” to nurture and nurture humanity in children, as well as the most valuable asset in the family that is inherited and promoted by children.

Actor Yang Di himself, from China, shared in a TV show that he respects his mother very much because she always shows cheerfulness and warmth, and at the same time respects and cherishes his friends. Whenever he took his friends home to play, she always smiled and welcomed everyone.

In his impression, no matter how upset she was, she rarely showed her anger. Therefore, Duong Di is also partly influenced by her mother’s behavior: “My mother’s constant smile taught me that there is nothing to worry about, everything has a solution. Therefore, I must always cheerful, happy and smiling”.

Reason – The highest state of being a parent

There is an author who wrote “The highest state of motherhood is learning to be lazy”, in the Chinese book “Lazy mothers are better than good mothers”. As this author explains, if parents are too “good”, that is, they love their children unconditionally, and take care of everything from big to small, which can unintentionally make children become selfish and lazy. and don’t know how to appreciate what you have.

Therefore, sometimes parents have to be less emotional, less caring, but learn to care more about their minds. They should let go of household chores in a reasonable way. That can help stimulate the initiative of other family members, especially children.

3 treasures of good parents, who owns enough, their children will soon succeed, so people: Billionaire Elon Musk also received a valuable asset from his mother - Photo 2.

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Parents should actively create opportunities for their children to join hands in building the surrounding living space, performing household chores, from small to large to fit. This is also a way to stimulate independence, self-discipline and diligence.

Words – The special power of parents

Languages ​​have special power, they can become protective shields, sometimes even sharp weapons, depending on how each person uses them.

As one relationship expert said: “The more you judge and condemn others, the more you deprive them of their right to change. When words turn into aggression, it can be incredibly destructive. , destroy the harmony and positive atmosphere of the family.”

Therefore, when parents can control their anger, use their words more flexibly, more flexibly, the protective power of words can come into full play.

Someone shared about a time when when he was a child, he often did very badly in exams, afraid of being scolded by his mother, that he did not dare to go home.

Then, when the mother saw her child’s test, she did not immediately scold her and commented: “Writing has improved a lot.” Then she continued, “But your work isn’t so good.”

The mother’s words make that person no longer afraid but be more motivated, more self-aware of the quality of their studies. Until he became an adult, he always felt grateful to his mother for her words of encouragement.

3 treasures of good parents, whoever owns enough, the children will soon succeed, so people: Billionaire Elon Musk also received a valuable asset from his mother - Photo 3.

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American psychologist William James said, “One of the deepest desires of human nature is to expect praise, admiration, and respect.”

The same is true in family situations. If parents can promptly reward, encourage and show respect for their children, the family will be harmonious, peaceful and happy. It is the ideal environment to raise a human child.

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