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Boyfriend vents to other girls when we are in a long distance relationship

He and I have been in love for almost five months. When I went out to visit, I found him texting and asking a female friend to go out for coffee.

He says he knows that lady friend in pub frequents, owner gave her number, so he texted to find out and talk about work. He said he didn’t want me to bother with his work, so he was looking for someone to share and listen to.

I got mad at him but then let him go, I asked him if he still texted him from time to time, he said he didn’t know what to say. I have the girl friend’s phone number, asking about her. You say from time to time that you’re just texting about work, you’re a total stranger, so it’s easy to vent. You also take a picture of the message for me to see, my boyfriend calls you: “Little girl, very sad” and then tells unpleasant stories (he also told me those stories).

>> Suspicion of boyfriend when dating long distance

I love the picture of the girl friend, her boyfriend found out and told me. I was annoyed and asked why he cares about such people. He says he is not hiding anything from me, with other girlfriends it is just friends interest. Is the boyfriend “clearing the way” to flirt with other girls?

We broke up once before, during which time he bought drinks and food for another girlfriend, offered to drive you to the restaurant he worked at after his shift was over and have dinner together. So I completely lost faith in him. What do I have to do?


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