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Building materials prices ‘fever’, Ministry of Construction directs hot

The Ministry of Construction has just sent an official dispatch to the People’s Committees of the provinces and cities on determining and announcing the prices of construction materials, construction equipment, and construction price indexes.

According to the Ministry of Construction, some localities announced construction prices late, the construction price index quarterly and not close to the market price. Many published lists still lack some key building materials. If this situation persists, it will cause difficulties and problems for the preparation and management of construction investment costs and construction contracts of related entities, affecting the implementation progress and disbursement of the project. the projects.

To remove difficulties in construction contracts, the Ministry asked localities to direct construction departments to publish construction price indexes, prices of construction materials and construction equipment in their localities.

In addition, localities must closely follow the developments of the construction market in order to promptly update and adjust the announcement of construction material prices and construction price indexes to suit the market price level, avoiding the phenomenon of “speculation, blowing prices”.

Building materials

The price of construction materials has skyrocketed, making it difficult for low-income people to dream of buying a house.

The ministry also recommends that for major materials, there are many fluctuations; localities shall organize the determination and announcement of construction material prices on a monthly basis to meet the requirements of management of construction investment costs and construction contracts.

For the construction investment project of the East North-South Expressway in the 2021-2025 period, the Departments of Construction and relevant units must organize the timely and effective implementation of investment management tasks. .

At the same time, localities also need to direct the construction department to regularly review and summarize difficulties and problems in the application process and propose solutions and report to the Ministry for guidance and timely removal.

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