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Covering the tight black box without a gap, the movement speed is shockingly fast!

If we talk about the status of female stars in showbiz, sometimes people can still have controversies like “this girl A – that girl is only B”, but not Son Tung, everyone assumes that the Thai Binh-born male singer is an S-class star (Super star class) of the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Even when there is a “green tea” controversy, which is called Mr. Fate, even most recently, is the screen to push the shoulder and push Hai Tu’s leg… Son Tung’s position, even if it is shaky, his star “quality” is still there. This is reflected in the appearance of Son Tung at a recent private event that we recorded.

Son Tung has this very good sentence: If you want to sit in a position no one can sit, you have to bear the feelings that no one can stand. Don’t analyze anything deeply, simply because as a star, Son Tung always has to “bear” the feeling… hot – sultry because around him, there are always 7749 bodyguards. surrounded by umbrellas.

Clip: Son Tung was surrounded by bodyguards on all sides, ambushed with umbrellas

Chinese cinema nearly 10 years ago had a very good movie title played by Zhang Ziyi called Ten Faces Amulet. The images of the “assassin” in black, flying from all sides, still impress many people, right? Son Tung appeared just like that! Possessing a modest height, as soon as Son Tung got out of the car, he immediately fell into the middle of the “forest” of tall muscular bodyguards, dressed in black and accompanied by serious expressions.

Son Tung’s familiar car appeared at the recording studio

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If you have forgotten, this is the car that was parked in front of Tung’s villa, the “witness” of the hug and shoulder push on December 23.

I’ve seen many other stars of Vietnamese showbiz being held and protected by bodyguards at public events, but in the case of Son Tung, passers-by have to think about it anyway. Ten Faces Amulet Just because Son Tung’s bodyguards are all very serious! The President’s car has just arrived, all a dozen bodyguards are in formation, black shirts, umbrellas in hand, ready to wait for orders: 1 – 2 – 3 BREAK UP Brother!

Here, wait for the command to BUNG though!

But we really express our deep concern for Son Tung, because he is always surrounded by the forest of bodyguards and such umbrellas, while the weather in Ho Chi Minh City is always as hot as an oven like this. … Besides, we also discovered Son Tung’s bodyguards, all of whom are 1m8 tall or more. So when covering the President’s umbrella, it’s a bit… tall compared to the boss’s height. So the team that crossed the street looking at the mist could also see the unmistakable body of Son Tung. Well, let’s learn from experience tomorrow, let’s lower the umbrella a little, guys.

However, looking at this crowded scene, will Son Tung feel oi in his body?

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A few other pictures of Son Tung in the times when netizens were caught with bodyguards, looking majestic in the style of president – very talented:

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At a public event, Son Tung’s powerful bodyguards holding umbrellas also performed “industry” as above

Son Tung in the filming of MV It’s Late But Why Still, look at the black-shirted bodyguards holding umbrellas behind?

Standard “president” yet?

P/s: Remember not too long ago, we once heard about an A-list star of Vietnamese showbiz who had “crossed” requests such as: Bodyguard at least 10-20 people, not allowed to talk, not allowed to “chao – hello”, not to take pictures… Son Tung only had to cover this umbrella, still very happy! one-to-one-to-court-do-di-construction-quick-den-choang-20220324134626345.chn

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