Decipher the reason why believers spend money evenly in the sale hunting game

“Hunting sale” & fun at midnight with the phone

“Never did I think there would be a time when I would sit and wait every minute until midnight of the big shopping days of e-commerce platforms” – Mr. Dat (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) laughed and shared – “Perhaps, it’s the main thing. The thrill of comparison, shopping to buy quality items with reduced value sometimes as close as 70% for a limited time gave me a very “fulfilling” feeling. It was a euphoria. chalk that offline shopping can’t bring.”

In a “new normal” society like today, shares like Mr. Dat’s are not in the minority at all. This trend can be clearly reflected in a recent survey of consumers in six Southeast Asian countries conducted by Lazada in January 2022. Accordingly, 81% of Vietnamese respondents said that they consider online shopping an indispensable daily habit, as well as the percentage of people who shop online at least once a week at 59%.

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Online shopping has become a habit of the majority of consumers today

Not only growing in terms of usage, online shopping with a series of attractive Shoppertainment activities such as Flash Deal, Livestream or Gamification activities has made an important contribution to raising the bar. consumer shopping experience. Specifically, according to Lazada’s survey, more than 76% of all respondents agree that shopping on Lazada is a new and highly entertaining experience, in which Shopping Festivals play an important role. buying motivation of 61% of people surveyed. Along with that, 34% of Vietnamese users are willing to shop regardless of whether there is a discount or not in the last online purchase. This is the clearest evidence for the mentality of “hunting sale for joy” like Mr. Dat.

Understanding user needs, large e-commerce platforms like Lazada continuously “launch” many shopping festivals all year round, so that anytime users open the application, they can receive joy and experience. interesting experience. In addition, the opening of “covered” shopping festivals every month is also an opportunity for Lazada to support brands and sellers to stimulate shopping and increase revenue.

Hunting for sale also needs skills

If someone says that hunting for sale is a game of chance, being “carried by grandparents” is not really a standard online consumer. Because, to become a wise 4.0 consumer, you will have to understand the rules and manipulations of voucher collection (discount codes), apply vouchers or even “win” vouchers on many e-commerce platforms. .

“I’m a regular online shopper and have never missed monthly sales on e-commerce sites. But sometimes using too many exchanges makes me “disturbed.” Because every time I want to close a deal and have to check all floors, apply all kinds of discount codes to decide. Once, just because of hesitation, I “won” and lost the turn to apply discount codes on an e-commerce floor,” said Ms. Hoang Oanh, living in the district. Hoang Mai, Hanoi said.

Since that time, Ms. Oanh decided to choose only 1 floor to buy, because in her opinion, every floor now has the same discount policy, “Eating each other is where it’s easy to use a discount code with the same price. Fast or slow delivery.” Ms. Hoang Oanh further revealed that on the occasion of the 2022 Lunar New Year, she hunted a super bargain deal when buying milk for her children on Lazada. After applying 4 types of vouchers including Cumulative Voucher, voucher from Lazada, from the seller and free shipping voucher, the 48-box milk carton costs only 74,000 VND!

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Ms. Oanh is happy to receive a huge discount thanks to a variety of vouchers from Lazada

Another magnificent shopping festival from Lazada – “Birthday of the Century”

In order to mark and express gratitude to the 10-year journey of accompanying Vietnamese consumers and businesses, Lazada officially organizes a shopping festival “Birthday of the Century” from 0:00 on March 27 to the end of March 29 with goods and services. exciting activities that consumers cannot miss.

Coming to the “Birthday of the Century” shopping festival, consumers will be able to look back on their shopping journey with Lazada with many pleasant surprises and unforgettable memories through the “Time Machine” right away. on the Lazada app. Besides, users can also share those wonderful memories to paint a picture of the decade that Lazada was lucky to accompany at the “10 memorable years with Lazada” contest.

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The “Show To Century” party is broadcast on LazLive of Lazada application at 19:00 on March 26 with the participation of top artists.

Also in this special birthday party, Lazada’s LazLive channel will organize livestream programs with millions of gifts with a total value of 10 billion VND and explosive performances by leading Vietnamese artists in the Grand Opening Ceremony. music festival “Show To The Century”.

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Lazada brings a series of attractive vouchers to celebrate the 10th birthday with consumers

Sharing about Lazada’s 10th birthday, the representative of this platform said: “During the past decade, we have continuously invested in building a logistics and technology infrastructure system, expanding and diversifying our business. Diversify categories, improve product and service quality, thereby maximizing the experience for customers and sales partners. 10, we want to be able to thank consumers with millions of gifts and shopping vouchers worth up to 1 million VND, as well as bring spectacular entertainment programs. continues to introduce effective sales tools and solutions to help merchants recover and grow their business.”

If you are a true online shopper, do not miss the exciting activities in Lazada’s “Birthday of the Century” shopping festival. here Please!


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