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“Die laughing” with an essay about her mother’s dream of becoming a Tiktok idol

Recently, netizens are passing on a humorous passage of a 3rd grader telling about his mother’s dream. At the beginning of the article, the boy affirmed that his mother is a very simple person and loves her family, husband and children. But right after that, he bad-mouthed his mother: “Recently, I want to be an Idol Tik Tok. Actually, my acting is a bit dull, and my singing is terrible, so my father and I do not support this dream very much.”

Laughing out loud with the boy's poem about his mother's dream of being an Idol Tik Tok: Stupid acting, bad singing!  - Photo 1.

“Laughing with tears” with an essay about her mother’s dream.

Not stopping there, the boy also “unmasked” his mother who is very materialistic: “The other day, when my mother was surfing Facebook, I saw Miss Miss holding a beautiful phone, glittering color, she kept praising me. Last night I was in the bathroom when I heard my mother calling my father: “Did not bring the phone back. The new phone comes with a speaker and a massager, so it’s like we met but didn’t stay, my adopted Bo”.

That’s how bad his mother is, but in the end, the boy still gives words of love and believes that his mother will soon become a hot Tiktoker. The passage also has some deletions, grammatical errors, and very silly descriptions that have made netizens “laugh and want to faint”. Everyone wonders if the boy’s mother will laugh or cry when she reads this article?

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