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Doctor Nguyen Cong Han – Golden hands “savior” for aging skin

Friday, March 25, 2022 08:00 AM (GMT+7)

Doctor Nguyen Cong Han – Thread stretch specialist with his talented hands has been helping thousands of customers “rejuvenate” successfully, remove the obsession of aging and regain youthful skin compared to the previous year. real age 10-15 years.

Ethical medical doctor wholeheartedly for the community

Doctor Nguyen Cong Han is one of the doctors who built the 103 Friendship General Hospital, having visited and treated for free for poor patients in Yen Bai. He is always aiming for the most humane values ​​to serve the community.

During the stressful period of the Covid-19 epidemic: Nguyen Cong Han – General in charge of the emergency team transporting patients in Nam Tu Liem district and the emergency team transporting F0 patients Nam Tu Liem together fought for life together. severe patients.

Doctor Nguyen Cong Han - Golden hands

Doctor Nguyen Cong Han – an ethical medical doctor who is always devoted to the community

After 3 months of operation, up to now, the team has given first aid to over 500 F0 and transported over 2,000 F0 to upper level hospitals when the mobile medical stations were stratified. The F0 emergency and transport team has not let a single patient die because they have not been treated or transported in time in the locality.

The path to finding a method of skin rejuvenation

After many training and study trips in countries with developed cosmetology industries such as the US, Korea, etc. Returning to Vietnam, Doctor Nguyen Cong Han has always cherished and cooked a desire for rejuvenation for all. everyone in their own country.

Doctor Nguyen Cong Han - Golden hands

Doctor Nguyen Cong Han – who successfully researched and applied the American method of lifting rejuvenation with non-absorbable threads, helping customers to compare face during the implementation process.

From those concerns, Dr. Nguyen Cong Han went to countries with the most advanced cosmetology industry to learn and cultivate knowledge and skills – the quintessence of the beauty industry. And it is here that Dr. Nguyen Cong Han met and discussed with leading professors in the field of rejuvenation. Many times, Dr. Han suggested that foreign professors perform 1/2 face rejuvenation and then let customers verify the change, but they were all rejected with the reason of limited effectiveness of the method. beauty treatments. But undaunted, Dr. Nguyen Cong Han continues to research to find the optimal rejuvenation method for everyone.

Receive “sweet fruit” for non-stop efforts

After many years of research efforts, Dr. Nguyen Cong Han successfully applied the American non-digestive thread lift method – a facelift method that helps to rejuvenate and lift facial skin without intervention. surgery, effective up to 20 years. Returning to Vietnam, Dr. Nguyen Cong Han successfully applied the method of lifting and rejuvenating the US with non-absorbable threads in the US. International Aesthetic Institute Dr. Han (A plastic surgery specialist clinic under Hanoi International Friendship Hospital Joint Stock Company), helping tens of thousands of customers to remove the obsession of aging and sagging skin in middle age.

Doctor Nguyen Cong Han - Golden hands

Customer rejuvenates 15 years old after Lifting Rejuvenation with non-explosive thread USA

Not stopping at those successes, the reputation of Doctor Nguyen Cong Han continued to fly far. From domestic customers to overseas Vietnamese and foreigners, they also look to the “golden method” and the talented hand of Dr. Han to realize their dream of skin rejuvenation.

Outstanding advantages of the US non-digestible thread facelift method

The US non-absorbable thread facelift method is superior to other methods thanks to 3 main advantages:

– Allows customers to effectively compare 1/2 of the rejuvenation process on the face itself.

– In 90 minutes regain the look of 15 years ago without surgery, no scars and no downtime.

– Lasts up to 20 years of rejuvenating effect thanks to a solid thread network system with strong collagen stimulation.

Thanks to 3 outstanding advantages, the US non-absorbable thread facelift method has helped more than 20,000 domestic and foreign customers find younger skin far from their real age, remove the obsession of aging and sagging on the face. face.

The great contributions from Dr. Nguyen Cong Han and the American method of rejuvenation with his exclusive technique have helped Dr.Han International Aesthetic Institute become a prestigious cosmetic brand in Vietnam. Nam, trusted by many customers and accompanied on the way to preserving youthful beauty.

To know more about the method of Lifting and Rejuvenating with American Threads, please contact immediately at hotline 1900232393 or visit Facebook: International Aesthetic Institute Dr. Han.

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