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Dressing like a dress is still cool

The pair of twins Ho Ngoc Ha and Kim Ly since their birth have been welcomed by the media. The twins were mixed with many bloodlines and had beautiful and talented looks just like their famous parents. Currently, the “Queen of Entertainment” children’s fan page has gained more than half a million followers. The photos and video clips of Leon and Lisa attract a lot of fans not only because of their beautiful daily life stories, but sometimes also the fashion style of the twins.

Recently, on his Instagram story, Ho Ngoc Ha carelessly “blasphemed” Leon with a different fashion style.

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Ho Ngoc Ha’s mother teased her youngest sister that she was wearing a shirt like a skirt. The youngest son of the Ha Ho family today changed his style with biker shorts, combined with an oversized T-shirt that covers his butt. Heads can’t do without the original snapback hat.

The loose hip-hop-boy style shirt seemed to bring a new breath to the boy’s appearance. Judging from the texture of the hat, it can be seen that this is a rare branded item that Ho Ngoc Ha has been wearing. This checkered pattern is a signature symbol of the Burberry fashion house. Not long ago, Leon made the uncle’s netter excited with the appearance of a street-style hat.

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Hats with vintage prints cost around 8 million VND, paired with very short sets. The child is now older and rarely wears clothes that match his sister Lisa.

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Dressed in this boy’s signature charcoal blue outfit, this remodeled bucket hat boy from the British brand is very handsome.

This “Saint of Expression” of the Ha Ho family has a humorous personality, a child who has a very refreshing laugh and a body that many people like. Leon has white skin, so it’s easy to wear clothes. Unlike his sister Lisa, Leon’s clothes have a simpler shape, the color is a bit muted and strong, suitable for the male gender. As Leon gets older, he rarely wears clothes that match his sister’s.

The boy is only 1 year old, so if he could use textured graphics his animal shapes would be adorable. The twins’ A-listers home sets often carry light and soft materials to the skin.

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Living in a climate that is summer all year round, Leon’s wardrobe is usually a T-shirt and shorts. The color of the maknae is quite diverse, if there is no cute pattern, the clothes are also brightly colored to avoid the heat.

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No need to wear the same clothes as his older sister, Leon can still show his brotherly spirit with the same color. The “children” t-shirts are also stylish and rolled up by mom, very trendy.

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Ho Ngoc Ha once shared that his children wear various clothes. She doesn’t really care about the issue of having to use expensive brands for her kids. The items for both Lisa and Leon mostly come from domestic fashion brands or even popular brands. Prices range from just a few hundred to less than 1 million.

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