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What made EnHome brand?

EnHome gathers a team of experienced architects and engineers

The team of architects and engineers at EnHome are people who have undergone formal training in architectural design and interior design, working hard for more than 10 years. That time is more than enough for their talented hands to create the EnHome brand with its own “QUALITY”. Over the past 10 years with many different large and small projects, EnHome’s team of architects and engineers has received a lot of trust and trust from large and small partners across the country.

Professionalism from working style to working environment

Understanding the value of the brand, EnHome is increasingly developing and building professionalism in both working style and working environment.

With EnHome, prestige or quality measurement is no longer a concern because of the fact that in the past 10 years, EnHome has received countless compliments and satisfaction both in terms of work quality and product quality. in the field of architecture and interior design. Along with that, EnHome invests in a professional working environment so that the staff can freely express their design passion.

EnHome products delivered to customers always make customers absolutely satisfied

Up to now, EnHome has implemented more than 1000 different large and small projects across the country. It shows that EnHome’s reputation has spread to many customers and received a rain of compliments in terms of service attitude, service quality and service price. EnHome always appreciates and feels happy for that. That is also the mission and desire of EnHome when entering the profession of architectural and interior design.

Put prestige and quality as the core of values

Also because of the trust and trust of customers, EnHome always strives every day to perfect architectural design projects – Interior design in the best way. Each product delivered to customers is a value that EnHome conveys, those products are always based on the factor “Prestige creates a brand” and that is also the core value of the EnHome team.

What achievements has EnHome achieved in the past 10 years?

About architecture

The field of architecture at EnHome has made great progress in recent times. Featured with many projects architectural design in big cities like Saigon, Da Nang…with unique and impressive design styles. EnHome Architects with experience and acumen from 10 years in the profession, we always capture the needs, tastes and trends of the architecture industry. Providing customers with high-class, modern architectural designs, expressing the desired value of customers.

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About the furniture

Along with the field of architecture, interior design is also an area of ​​expertise of EnHome. Interior design products at EnHome also follow unique and impressive trends that are suitable for most customer tastes. Interior design projects at EnHome are always products interior design modern high end.

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About construction

EnHome also shows its investment and professionalism in the field of construction, especially package construction. Construction projects at EnHome always ensure factors from construction quality to meet the owner’s own style.

What are the features in EnHome’s architectural design and interior design?

Products created always catch up with trends, unique and not mass in design style.

Always meet the preferences and style of the owner, bringing absolute satisfaction.

Bring high aesthetics in each project.

Maximize costs in each project for investors.

Always creative, diverse design styles so that customers have many choices.

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Up to now, EnHome has carried out many projects, large and small, and brought absolute satisfaction to many Vietnamese families. EnHome has affirmed its brand in the market of Architecture – Interior – Construction.

This will be an architectural and interior design company worth your peace of mind and trust. We will bring customers projects that exceed expectations, giving your family the perfect home.


EnHome Architecture and Interior Joint Stock Company

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Address: 30 Tieu La, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau, Da Nang

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