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Every time I drink my husband I do my best

My husband is considered by everyone to be talented, virtuous, very gentle, always enthusiastic about everyone.

One thing that really bothered me was drinking, three or four times a week, sometimes more. While drinking, he rarely ate, so he was drunk. If he drinks with close people, he asks people to drive him home, sometimes he goes home alone, driving is very dangerous. I persuaded, spoke slowly and loudly but my husband just listened and left him alone, always using excuses because of work, had to receive guests, when I entered a drinking party, I was very enthusiastic.

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I also asked for advice from relatives, the children were influenced in every way so that my husband could not reduce drinking. Apart from drinking, he was responsible for work and his wife and children. I am very sad, worried about his health, most afraid of him driving after drinking. I suffer from constant stress, sometimes I want to give up, but because I love my husband and children, I really want him to drink less so the family can be at peace.

Looking forward to receiving your suggestions.


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