Garbage surrounds two beaches in Quang Ninh

Located far from the mainland, famous for its pristine beauty, the two beaches of Minh Chau and Quan Lan, the Van Don district of Quang Ninh, full of trash, stretches for kilometers.

Minh Chau Beach, Minh Chau commune, is about two kilometers long, located far from the mainland. To get here, the public and tourists have to take a speedboat from Cai Rong port which takes about an hour. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Quang Ninh, in the tourist season (from April to September), every day thousands of people come to bathe.

However, in the last days of March, Minh Chau beach is full of rubbish, stretched along the coast, lined up in layers and not cleaned. There are various kinds of garbage, from tree branches, nylon bags, plastic bottles to foam buoys.

Garbage on Minh Chau beach, Minh Chau commune.  Photo: Minh Cuong

Garbage on Minh Chau beach, Minh Chau commune. Photo: Minh Cuong

Tuan Tuan, a native of Ha Long, shared: “I chose to go to the island to experience, but coming here I feel very sad because the beach is too much trash. It is still cold at the moment so there are few tourists, but the beach must be open. clean “.

On the afternoon of March 25, Mr. Hoang Tri Dung, Secretary and Chairman of the Minh Chau Commune, said that almost every day garbage from the sea is washed away, so the beach is always dirty. The communes create favorable conditions for people to sell goods while on the beach, so they often clean up the trash.

“During the last two years being affected by Covid-19, there were no guests, many people were bored and did not clean their trash. These few days, some households went out to clean up the trash in preparation for welcoming guests, definitely before 30/30. 4 beaches will be clean,” said Dung.

Garbage surrounds two of the most beautiful beaches in Quang Ninh

Garbage surrounds Minh Chau beach, Minh Chau commune. Videos: Minh Cuong

More than 6 km from Minh Chau, Quan Lan beach, Quan Lan commune, three kilometers long, the same situation occurs. Luu Minh Duc, chairman of the Quan Lan Commune, said trash from the sea was carried away constantly. Last week, the Youth Union launched and cleaned the beach, but a few days ago there was a northeast monsoon, and the trash washed up again.

According to Pak Duc, when the Youth Union was launched, the whole community would clean up the beach. Currently, the commune does not have a cleaning service team because there are no salaries to pay.

Minh Cuong

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