General who does good deeds, high virtues are enjoyed for a lifetime

People who have one of these traits are usually benevolent and generous, always wanting to help people in the world, so they are blessed with great virtue.

1. Round face

People with round faces are usually very gentle and honest. They also have a lively, easy-going personality, always giving others a feeling of likability.

Most of these people are honest, or sympathetic to others. When interacting with people with round faces, there is no need to think too much.

In life, this person is more likely to have luck in life, to have a richer and more fulfilling life. In the afterlife, they have a peaceful and full life.

2. Big eyes

According to anthropologyPeople with big eyes and few whites often work very hard because they want to have plenty to do good deeds. They live a benevolent life, always doing everything with their heart, regardless of fame and profit.

They are very emotional and are the rational type. Easily touched when they encounter difficult or unhappy situations in life, whether rich or poor, their minds are always directed towards good.

General who often does good deeds, his virtue is rich and his descendants benefit-1

3. Low bridge of nose

General with a low bridge of the nose and a lot of flesh is a tolerant and generous person. People with this nose sign know how to treat others, often think about others and then think about themselves.

At work, they are rich in responsibility and have the will to rise. In love, they have a happy marriage with a faithful partner and filial descendants.

4. Thick earlobes, wide ear openings

If the earlobe is thick, the opening of the ear is wide, indicating that this person has a lot of luck. This is a generous person, if there are relatives and friends who come to ask for help, they all do their best.

People with thick ears are also honest, willing to listen and absorb the opinions of others. They are helped by many people but live very well, whoever helps them in difficult times, they all remember.

This person always wishes to have a lot of wealth to help relatives, friends or those in difficult situations in society. It is their pleasure to do good deeds.

General who often does good deeds, his virtue is rich and his descendants benefit-2

5. Short philanthropy

Many people think that having a short life is bad, but that is not the case. People with short loyalty are actually chivalrous and brave, not afraid to help those in need when they encounter them.

They always instinctively help the weak, also will do their best to fill the world with warmth. Although they are not very lucky people, their loving way of life will help them to have a peaceful and good future, without having to suffer unhappiness.

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