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Girlfriend used to go overboard with three ex-lovers

I am 22 years old, my boyfriend is 19 years old, have known me for more than half a year, maintain a good relationship and have a long term orientation for the future.

I shared that I used to have relationships with three former lovers. At first, I didn’t think about it because it didn’t matter what happened in the past. Recently, whenever I talk about sex, I think and feel uncomfortable in my heart. You are too young to cross the line with so many people. Compared to me, your ex number is more. Am I too permissive and irresponsible to myself? He also said that he used to “like” his ex, which made me think more about the two’s stable relationship.

>> Crossing the line with strangers

But I still have positive thoughts in this regard. Firstly, he honestly and bravely shared this sensitive past with me. Second, at that time, I was too young and immature in matters of love and relationships. You are kind, treat me well.

I love you, don’t want this thought to negatively affect our relationship but I can’t stop thinking about it and it always hurts when I think about it. Should I share my thoughts with you or stay quiet and learn to accept? Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Sincere thanks.


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