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Hanbin was read the password of his bank account by Korean fans to spend

Hanbin is a Vietnamese Kpop idol who is receiving a lot of attention from domestic fans. Not only that, fans in Korea also have special affection for Hanbin. The evidence is shown in the video call between the male singer and the Korean fan being shared by Vietnamese netizens on social networks.

Clip between Hanbin and Korean fans

Accordingly, during the video call, a Korean fan asked Hanbin to write a series of numbers. Because he didn’t know the intentions of the fans, he “obsessedly” listened and worked hard to take notes. But then, the fan himself revealed: “This is my account number password. Please use it when needed. I will try to make as much money as possible.”

As soon as he knew the meaning of the number sequence, Hanbin couldn’t help but be surprised and excited. Although quite confused when the fan gave him his account number for the first time, Hanbin still made fans happy by answering: “Okay, okay, I know.”

Hanbin worked hard to take notes

His reaction when he learned that this sequence of numbers was the password of his fan’s account number

He couldn’t stop getting excited because of this special situation

Some comments from the online community:

– Try to plow and then read the account number for me.

– Phu he made a funny result, looking at his expression, Hung laughed again.

– Sometimes it’s His amazing talent and cute singer or not.

– U is heaven, it’s so hot huhu.

– This is the first time I’ve seen this case.

Clip and Photo: Compilation roi-day-20220325154205037.chn

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