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Is it ‘lost everything’ when conned into selling land by swindlers?

I bought land, when all the money was handed over, I held a red book, then found that the seller was a fraud, pretending to be the owner of the land. (Nguyen Vinh)

Early last year, I found a plot of land with good terrain, feng shui and price, central location. My wife and I met the seller, it turned out to be sincere, even brought the original KTP, STNK and original usufructuary certificate (red book) to see, so we were very confident.

My wife and I pooled our savings and borrowed money, bought this land more than 4 billion VND, the red book was also held, but a few weeks later because I needed to ask them some things, I contacted the land owner and was blocked many times.

Some time later, I was invited by the investigative agency to work because the land actually belonged to someone else. This person was tricked into a fake red book without knowing it. The group of scammers took the original red book and sold the land to me.

So this land is now mine, or the previous owner? What should I do to get my money or land back?

>>Lawyer’s answer

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