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Is it selfish if I only have one child?

I am 25 years old, working in sales, monthly salary 10 million VND. Husband is 33 years old, works as a worker, monthly salary 12 million VND.

We have been married for five years, have a four year old son, and live in the city. With this income, each month the husband and wife have a little extra to save 100 million VND. My wife and I have a home in the countryside, but we only return once a year to Tet.

I want to give birth to a child to raise a good child, later when the child grows up, I will become a monk. All this year I’ve been thinking monastery, or watching about Buddhism, going to the temple, the thought of becoming a monk is increasing day by day. I shared these thoughts with my husband, but he ignored them all. About having only one child, he is silent, I know he would like to have one or two more. My husband gives me a salary, also helps with household chores, sometimes taking care of the children. He is also gentle, drinking on average once a week.

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He intended to work for a few more years and then return to his hometown. I saw that in his hometown he did not have a permanent job and then changed his personality. He returned to his mother not to worry about doing business, apart from homework, his wife and children did not play with him. In the countryside, there are some jobs, five and seven days a month, the rest inviting cousins ​​for drinks. I knew she would be like that because when I gave birth to my baby I returned to my hometown and my husband followed me back for half a year.

Moreover, I have many conflicts near my mother-in-law, now I live far away, so the relationship between mother and daughter is also good. In the countryside, there is only the convenience of not having to rent a house, living comfortably. Should I have more children and go back to my hometown, or just stay here to work, when my children grow up I will go to the monastery? Am I selfish towards my husband and children? Thank you very much.


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