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Japan, Switzerland and Australia impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine

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Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio. Photo: Kyodo/VNA

Earlier, on March 24, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio said that Tokyo would take steps to cancel Russia’s “most-favored nation” trade status and prevent it from evading financial sanctions by How to use digital assets.

* A senior official at the Swiss Ministry of Economy announced on March 24 that the country had frozen Russian assets worth about 5.75 billion Swiss francs (about 6.2 billion USD) since Moscow began a special military operation in Ukraine. This includes Russian funds and assets, such as real estate in Swiss tourist resorts.

However, according to the above official, this money has only been frozen, not confiscated and is still the property of the individuals and legal entities involved because there is no legal basis to allow confiscation in Switzerland. Switzerland is a very popular destination for wealthy Russians, including the famous Saint Moritz ski resort with luxurious villas.

* On the same day, on March 25, Australia also imposed sanctions on 22 Russian citizens, including employees of Russia Today, the Strategic Culture Foundation, InfoRos and NewsFront organizations.

In addition, Australia also imposed sanctions on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and members of his family on the grounds that Belarus provided strategic support to Russia related to the conflict in Ukraine.

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