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Jonathan Bailey exposes sensitive goods

“Sex Bomb” Bridgerton finally returned with the hot season 2, continuing the passionate love journey of the main character pairs. Since its debut on Netflix at Christmas 2020, this historical series has really taken social media by storm with a series of 18 eye-catching scenes. Bridgerton revolves around the love of each member of a noble family, thereby reflecting the social trends and emotional ups and downs of the British Regent period.

If the first season focused on the Daphne – Simon couple, famous for their 1001 sexy sex scenes, in Bridgerton 2the audience will have the opportunity to follow Viscount Anthony Bridgerton falling into a taboo love triangle, forced to choose between a family engagement and a true lover.

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Bridgerton 2 revolves around a brand new couple: Viscount Anthony Bridgerton and Lady Kate Sharma

With the globally famous “sex bomb” brand, Bridgerton season 2 still maintains a hot level, including the full nude segment of the male lead Jonathan Bailey. This is a moment that proves the character Anthony is extremely sexual. After a bad love affair in season 1, unable to pair up with an opera singer due to class differences, season 2 Anthony has grown more mature. He made love stories a trivial thing, and then threw himself into a brief overnight stand just to satisfy his desire for “bed”.

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Bridgerton 2 released the “bed” scene from episode 1, even though it hastened to reduce the number of hot scenes

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The male lead Jonathan Bailey was 100% nude in season 2 Bridgerton

Throughout the rest of episode 1 season 2, the content of the film is still introducing the character, not going into the main issue. The character Anthony officially meets the female lead Kate in the jungle, but the feelings between the two are still a secret. The couple promises to have impressive hot scenes in the following episodes.

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New female leads in season 2 Bridgerton

Season 2 Bridgerton Now airing on Netflix.

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