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Living only on salary is really tight!

When it comes to the hottest Korean movie at the beginning of the week, it’s impossible not to mention A Business Proposal (Dating in the Office). Watching movies is the main, watching beautiful boys and girls is secondary, but have you ever noticed the expensive details about the small but very realistic money story of Lady Jin Young Seo, let’s see!

Money comes out like water, money drips in and out. If you spend money in vain, there’s only “a waste of God”

It can be seen that the supporting woman is a “golden spoon” character from a young age, her father is the president of a large company, so it is obvious that she spends money in vain. But the problem here is that she buys too much, even things she never uses… with her father’s credit card. Because of that, this habit of spending money indiscriminately also followed her until she moved out of her father’s house. Because she is so addicted to the expensive sofa, she burns all the money she has saved up for many years when they are not used much.

Looking at the money view of the president's daughter in A Business Proposal: Living on salary alone is really tight!  - Photo 1.

I’m sorry to spend money

Conclude: Try to do the math, what happens when you spend more than you have? The answer, of course, is that you will be in debt because you have no money to spend, you have to borrow from others. So how to spend better and more efficiently. There are only 2 simple ideas, one is that you spend less, the other is to make more money, that’s all. But in small words, the first is usually easier than the second.

Money should not be relied on, financial independence is still number one

Girl Young Seo although the early episodes are portrayed as the goddess in a wealthy family with the ability to spend money like water from her father’s credit card. However, after having a disagreement with her father about marriage, she was ready to move out of the house and live an independent life. Although at first it was a bit difficult to allocate the savings budget for renting and buying furniture, but then the woman was still able to “handle” the crisis and get used to her new life well. without asking for money from anyone.

Looking at the money view of the president's daughter in A Business Proposal: Living on salary alone is really tight!  - Photo 2.

Young Seo can buy branded clothes with her own salary

Even Cha’s secretary’s lover has money to buy gifts and take care of him for special occasions. But not only buying things for her “loving husband”, she can also reward herself with luxurious and expensive clothes that make her cousin always “jealous”.

Conclude: After becoming independent and… waking up, it can be seen that Young Seo is the “flexible queen”, from the way she balances income and expenses for renting a house, buying furniture, rewarding herself and her brother. Your love without depending on anyone is also worth learning.

“Living on salary alone is really tight”

Whenever they meet “drinker and best friend” Shin Ha Ri, there are only 2 issues that these two girls talk about, one is a love story (everyone knows what love is) and the second is a matter of money. Having a friend who always complains about debt but he is not rich because he is no longer dependent on his father, Jin Young Seo also had a memorable line to comfort you: “Living on salary alone is really tight. “.

That’s right, this saying is not wrong, both in the movie and in reality. It is clear that with the salary of “three piles and three dong” of the heroine Ha Ri, it is not possible to cover daily life and repay debt.

Looking at the money view of the president's daughter in A Business Proposal: Living on salary alone is really tight!  - Photo 3.

Consoling my best friend because I am also “poor”

Conclude: Have you ever questioned whether you can live on salary alone? Optimizing the source of income besides work is the most practical advice. Having many other sources of income besides salary will help you not only in life, but also invest more in yourself and save for emergencies.

Saving a backup is absolutely necessary

Leaving home and living on her own was a very risky decision for Young Seo, not to mention that she had to “freeze” her father’s credit card. But fortunately, Young Seo has accumulated all her wages into a small savings, helping her to afford a new life when alone.

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Because I have money saved up, I can say that, otherwise it would be “sneaky”

Conclude: No one knows in advance whether you will encounter any unforeseen contingencies, so having a spare can save your life later. Well, “is it better than nothing”.

Hard work always pays off

The story is that in addition to being infatuated with boys like everyone sees in the movies, Young Seo is also an extremely hard-working and kind character. Just notice when she goes to work, her clothes are extremely trendy but neat and elegant suitable for the office environment, moreover, she actively directs and works even behind the scenes. very lovable, a far cry from her “late come home early” and quarrelsome cousin.

Moreover, Young Seo also has an extremely high EQ, being able to respond to a very intelligent and unique cousin. In real life, it’s cute to nag at her best friend, but going to work is an instant professional attitude.

Looking at the money view of the president's daughter in A Business Proposal: Living on salary alone is really tight!  - Photo 5.

Being pretty and serious at the same time always wins

Conclude: In order to have a good income and high compensation, and to be “loved by your boss”, you need to change yourself, not only in your clothes, but also in your manners and ways of working. Besides, be confident in yourself and show your personality in the working environment in a moderate way.

Finally, not only is the supporting woman admired by the audience because of her personality and appearance, Young Seo also implies a lot of lessons about money and finance that we should learn.

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