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Miss Ngoc Han is the Deputy General Director of Ninh Van Bay

(Dan Tri) – In the ecosystem of businesses related to Mr. Vu Dinh Do, Miss Ngoc Han is currently holding the position of Deputy General Director of Ninh Van Bay and Director of External Relations of Dong Nai Plastics.

Real Estate Joint Stock Company Tourism Ninh Van Bay (stock code: NVT) has just announced the appointment of Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Han (Miss Ngoc Han) as Deputy General Director since March 16.

Thus, the Board of Directors of Ninh Van Bay currently consists of 3 people: Mr. Pham Thanh Thai Linh – General Director, Mr. Vu Hong Quynh – Deputy General Director and Miss Ngoc Han.

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Miss Ngoc Han has invested in securities since 2017 (Photo: NVCC).

Miss Ngoc Han was born in 1989 and was crowned Miss Vietnam 2010. In addition to the newly appointed Deputy General Director position at Ninh Van Bay, Miss Ngoc Han is also the Director of External Relations of Plastic Joint Stock Company. Dong Nai (stock code: DNP).

Miss Ngoc Han recently shared, DNP and NVT are both stocks in the ecosystem of Dong Nai Plastics – enterprise Mr. Vu Dinh Do is the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In addition to the above two codes, the Dong Nai Plastics ecosystem also includes a number of other businesses such as Tasco Joint Stock Company (code stock HUT), Viet Nhat Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company (code JVC), Construction Joint Stock Company No. 9 (code VC9), Saigon General Services Joint Stock Company (code SVC)…

Recently, except for SVC, the rest of the codes in the ecosystem at DNP have increased strongly. HUT doubles in one month; JVC during the above period also increased by 40%.

DNP had 6 consecutive sessions of ceiling gains, recording an increase of approximately 60% in a week and an increase of nearly 68% in the past month.

NVT stock also hit the ceiling for 7 consecutive sessions, gaining more than 39% in a week and up more than 59% in a month. VC9 in a week is also up nearly 60% and up almost 79% in a month of trading.

Ngoc Han is holding many stocks in the DNP ecosystem. It is known that Miss Vietnam 2010 is also a major shareholder of T99 Financial Group with an investment of more than 20 billion VND. She also has her own fashion business project, Ngoc Han Boutique.

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