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More than 2,700 websites have been labeled Credibility for anti-counterfeiting

Recently, the Ministry of Transport has requested the Ministry of Information and Communications to help prevent and handle 3 websites, gplxgov.org.vn, tracuugplx.vn and tracuugplxgov.vn, which are fake driving license websites issued by the Directorate for Roads. managed by Vietnam. This agency believes that the fake website affects the reputation of the Directorate of Roads and the Ministry of Transport.

Currently, the domain names of these 3 fake websites have been suspended. Two units under the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Department of Broadcasting, Television and Electronic Information, and the Vietnam Internet Center (VNNIC), are continuing to coordinate in handling.

It is worth mentioning that the situation of individuals and organizations setting up fake websites and portals of agencies, organizations and businesses to serve a certain purpose, even defrauding users. to steal information, their property is relatively common. Even on the website of the Traffic Department’s Driver’s License website, since September last year, the Ministry of Transport has warned about being deceived by objects setting up fake websites.

In fact, online fraud has been on the rise in the digital transformation era. Last year, the Information Security Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications detected and handled more than 1,000 fraudulent websites impersonating banks and financial institutions.

More than 2,700 websites have been labeled with the

The web portal of the Ministry of Transport at the address mt.gov.vn is one of the websites that has been labeled with a certificate of network trust.

As a product jointly developed by the Information Security Administration and Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA) together with the information security business community and agencies and organizations… Network responsibility is expected to contribute to limiting and gradually repelling the problem of fraud in cyberspace.In addition to regularly monitoring, detecting and coordinating with agencies and organizations to handle fraudulent and fake websites, since June 2021, the Information Security Department has launched an eco-system Trust the network at tinnhiemmang.vn.

With this solution, Internet users can quickly identify reputable and official websites, avoiding using the services of fraudulent websites. At the same time, prevent early cyber attacks when accessing the website; change awareness and habits when using online services.

The Network Trust ecosystem acts as a barrier for users to avoid losing information and losing money before fraud occurs. In addition, the feature that allows reporting a problematic website can help other users avoid being scammed by a similar website.

Information with ICTnews about the results of implementing network credit labeling for websites in the past time, a representative of the Information Security Department said that so far, 2,763 websites have been evaluated and labeled with network trust, covering all areas. e-commerce, banking – finance, agencies, enterprises, state organizations…

Emphasizing that this is one of the solutions to protect users in the network environment, the representative of the Information Security Administration added that in the near future, the Department will apply the label of network trust to the website more widely according to the topic of the website. Recommendations of website owners, especially banking, payment, and online shopping websites.

Along with that, activities of monitoring, detecting and preventing fake websites are also promoted; encourage and promote the role of organizations and individuals using digital platforms and strengthen the role of ministries, branches and localities in monitoring, detecting and announcing violations.

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