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Mother is pregnant with twins, about to give birth, the doctor is surprised to see the appearance of 2 babies

Usually when talking about twins, everyone thinks the two babies will have the same appearance. Even in the case of fraternal twins, the twins will have similar features, or at least skin color, eye color. However, the couple below gave birth to two sets of twins with completely different appearances.

The pair Dean Durrant and sister Alison Spooner in the UK is a very rare case when they have had twins twice but the 4 children have completely different appearances. It is known that her husband is black and his wife is white. In 2001, they welcomed their first twins with great joy. But when the two children were born, everyone was very surprised, even the doctor was very confused to find out that the two children, even though they were twins, had very different appearances, the most obvious of which was the color of their skin.

Pregnant Mother of Twins Will Give Birth, Doctor Is Surprised When She Sees the Appearance of 2 Babies - 1

Not a few who think the children of this couple are twins.

It seems strange, but 7 years later, the couple gave birth to twins again and this time, the two newborn girls also have different appearances like their previous sisters. One is white and the other is dark. It was this turning point that helped the pair Dean and Alison enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

This family quickly became famous and got the attention of many people. Usually, the birth of 2 sets of twins is rare, but they also give birth to 4 children with very different faces, skin colors, etc. The doctors themselves were shocked and couldn’t believe their eyes. They say that it is very rare for two sets of twins to be born to the same parents but have a different skin and hair color than the two parents. The number of these cases in the world fell to 1 in 1,000,000 cases.

Mother is pregnant with twins, about to give birth, the doctor is shocked to see the appearance of 2 babies - 2

The doctors who delivered the babies were also astonished by the different appearances of the babies.

The difference in appearance is actually not a barrier, Mr. Dean said that his children love each other very much. The big twins say that they are not only sisters, they are also very close friends, share the same room, wear the same clothes, and do not like to be apart.

Lauren – the girl with the same hair and eyes as her mother, said that when she dated her twin sister, Hayleigh, people often screamed in shock and disbelief when they found out that they were sisters because the two were so different. Lauren shared:People think we’re just best friends, let alone twins, in front of suspicious eyes, sometimes we have to take out our passports to show them to prove it and it’s nice to see the surprise on everyone’s faces.”

Mother is pregnant with twins, about to give birth, the doctor is surprised to see the appearance of 2 babies - 3

The doctor said the probability of something like the Dean and his wife was about 1 in 1,000,000.

Characteristics of identical twins and fraternal twins

Whether identical or fraternal twins, they all have their own unique characteristics. To learn more about this case, please see below.

Identical twins

Identical twins are divided from the original embryo into two separate individuals, but they will be similar in sex and appearance. The DNA structure of this pair can be up to 100%. However, in the case of identical twins, both fetuses are located in 2 separate amniotic sacs but share the same placenta.

Features of fraternal twins

Fraternal twins often have genetic differences. The DNA structures of these pairs are only about 50% similar. Therefore, it is perfectly normal for fraternal twins to be born without the same appearance and gender.

There are some special cases when the mother has pregnant. Then during pregnancy the mother’s egg is fertilized again in the same month. This will happen when the mother is pregnant and the egg is released again. Thus, the mother can understand that these are fraternal twins or multiple fertilization.

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