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My daughter had a headache, she thought she was “post-Covid” and did not take her to the hospital, the girl was in critical condition

(Dan Tri) – The 4-year-old boy constantly complained of headaches and vomiting, but his grandmother thought he was “post-Covid-19” so he did not take him to the doctor. As a result, when the condition worsened, the doctors discovered that the patient had severe hydrocephalus.

On March 22, Doctor Le Quang My, Department of Neurosurgery, Children’s Hospital 2 (HCMC) said that this place is receiving treatment for a case of a girl suffering from a serious brain disease because her family did not develop any symptoms. show up early.

The patient is a child with BLTL (4 years old, from the Dao ethnic group, from Dak Nong), admitted to the hospital in a state of constant headache and vomiting. Through taking the medical history, the family said that because the parents worked far away, the baby lived with his grandmother.

Many months ago, the baby started vomiting, but due to the disease and also subjective, the family still left the baby at home. Then the baby becomes F0.

My daughter had a headache, she thought she was post-Covid and did not take her to the hospital, the girl was in critical condition - 1

The girl had a headache for a long time, but her family did not take her to the doctor because she thought it was a normal “post-Covid-19” symptom (Photo: BVCC).

“It’s infected Covid-19 and headaches, vomiting more. I thought it was post-Covid-19 so I didn’t take it to the doctor, because I heard too many rumors. Who would have thought that the baby had more and more headaches and fell all the time. I was worried so I went to see a doctor in the countryside. The doctor ordered a brain scan to show a tumor, suspected of brain disease, so he was transferred here,” – the patient’s grandmother said.

At Children’s Hospital 2, the girl was urgently examined by the emergency team and determined to have obstructive hydrocephalus (the fluid in the brain is blocked, unable to circulate) due to the tumor’s compression. Doctors surgically placed a drainage tube to release the compression for the patient, as well as continue to do other tests to survey the tumor before entering the fateful operation.

“Most likely it is a melanoma that appeared a few months ago, the treatment journey ahead of the baby will be very difficult. We have received many cases of delayed treatment because of the delay in treatment. Covid-19 epidemic Having to social distance, now that the distance is over, there are cases that are being confused and attributed to post-Covid-19″ – Doctor Le Quang My shared.

My daughter had a headache, she thought she was not taken to the hospital after Covid, the girl was in critical condition - 2

The doctor is worried about the child’s treatment ahead (Photo: BVCC).

According to doctors, the right diagnosis of the disease, early treatment and the right method is the way to achieve the most effective treatment. But in fact, many pediatric patients come to the doctor when the disease is at a late stage and the treatment becomes much more complicated.

For children with headaches, it is difficult for the family to recognize because this is a possible symptom of many diseases such as cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, sinusitis… not just in children. people who have Covid-19.

Therefore, the doctor warns parents to be alert and careful when identifying the problem health something from me. Please take your children to specialized medical centers for support, avoid listening to unverified information scientifically, especially in the context of the pandemic that confuses people from infection to stage. post Covid-19.

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