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My wife overreacts when I buy something for my sister

My monthly salary is 20 million dong, my wife’s monthly salary is 12 million dong and mostly selling online, the total monthly income is 40 million dong.

My wife and I are the same age, our children are three years old. We just paid off our debt due to the support of our grandparents and our wife’s hot loan from relatives. Last month, the husband and wife had the money to pay off all their relatives’ debts.

Recently, my sister asked me to buy a computer for her daughter in her hometown to study, I bought it and sent it back but didn’t tell my wife. Yesterday he asked to buy another cellphone because his cellphone could no longer be used, his wife read the message and made a fuss. After five years of marriage, because my salary is 10 million dong and debt is almost 600 million dong, my wife has to work very hard, recently my salary is a little higher, thinking about my sister. When I think of my grandparents, my wife doesn’t know because they used to help us. My sister in the countryside has a good salary, when my wife and I bought a house in trouble, she didn’t help me, now that my salary is better I turned to think about it without discussing anything with my wife.

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My wife was very angry and asked for a divorce because I had suffered a lot in recent years, and the money for the house I bought earlier was also collected by my wife. I found my wife too selfish, thinking only of herself. Even though my salary was low for several years, I haven’t had a good time, saved to pay debts, took care of the family children, now have some success, and wanted to help my sister, but my wife overreacted and didn’t think about my feelings. Please everyone share.


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