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National Economics students “call for help” again when the dormitory water is black and there are worms

Recently, in many school groups National University of EconomicsStudents constantly reflect on the quality of the dormitory in a severely degraded building. Many students lament that the basic facilities are not guaranteed: The air conditioner is broken in the hot weather, it has to be replaced with a paper fan, the wifi is intermittent, the power is often lost…

In particular, the water source has turbidity, even worms appear. However, when students bring questions to ask, they do not receive a reasonable answer?

National Economics students cried for help again when the dormitory water was black, there were worms, many nights without power, they had to light candles - Photo 1.

Dormitory of National Economics University.

NEU students lament that the dormitory is seriously degraded, many nights without power

Recently, students Bucking masterpiece shared about the inconvenience of renting in building 11 – the dormitory of the National Economics University. The article is currently receiving a lot of attention in a group of students at this school.

“There is a power outage once a week, it doesn’t work until noon the previous evening until noon the next day. Going to school, going to work, and wanting to rest is not comfortable. Now is the mosquito season, the quality of the room has gone down. ..

In the Zalo group, you have reflected a lot on these issues, some of you have seen mosquito bites on your limbs, some friends in the room have a water leak, a broken water heater, lost wifi, broken air conditioning for months but uncles did not solve it completely. While we still pay full room monthly.

There are no lights in the hallway, the light is weak. I remember from my freshman year, the corridor inside my room didn’t have any lights, and now I’m about to graduate, it’s still the same.

In my room, wifi is always intermittent. I always lost my life at the time of attendance and had to tell the teacher with the reason that no one wanted to believe it: Miss, I lost my life, can you take attendance for me?”

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Some pictures inside building 11 – dormitory of students at National Economics University.

Tuan Kiet also said that when the students went to the dormitory management board to seek help, they did not receive too much help:

“If you call to report, they still scold. Wifi is intermittent, sometimes not even though I have messaged the group to ask you to handle it, but the network is still sluggish. If it were not for family conditions, I would never have now have to stay in a dorm with poor facilities like this” – male student confided.

When contacting female students FIT (first year student) is also in building 11, her friend thinks that what Tuan Kiet shared is true. Besides, her friend said, for nearly 2 weeks now, the problem of air conditioning and fan failure has appeared in many rooms in the building.

The students reported this situation to the dormitory management board, but the problem was not resolved.

PH said: “My room had a broken air conditioner with a ceiling fan, called the Management Board but no one came to fix it. On hot days in Hanoi in recent days, we still had to cool ourselves with a paper fan. Luckily these days. If it gets a bit cold, I can’t sleep.

I and many other rooms have reflected on the general chat group, reflected both directly but no one has resolved. If you join the Zalo group, you will see a lot of degraded rooms, but the management still won’t come out to fix it.”

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PH said that students constantly complained about the deterioration of the dormitory but did not receive the help of the Management Board (screenshot of the general chat group of the students in building 11).

Dormitory students have to use unsafe water, with worms inside

Currently, on closed groups of NEU students, there are many pictures and videos that are said to record the status of dirty water sources, with worms appearing in the dormitory of the National Economics University.

You Bucking masterpiece lamenting the state of the water in block 11: “Since the time of going to offline school, the price of dormitory rooms has increased. We have to pay for clean water in full, but in return for the quality of water, red worms, black worms.”

Sharing the same opinion as Tuan Kiet is a friend FIT: “Fortunately in my room, there were no crawling worms in the water, only occasionally yellow. However, dirty water is not absent.”

Photos posted on social networks about the water source in the dormitory of National Economics students.

In a general chat group of students in the dormitory of the National Economics University, many of you lamented that using dirty water affects your health. Specifically, the student confided that his body was itchy and suggested that the school take remedial measures.

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Students lamented the status of dirty water sources and the appearance of worms. Many of you have health effects after using this water.

The school representative explained about dirty water, condition or power failure in the dormitory?

Contacting Master Vu Trong Nghia (media representative of National Economics University), he said that the university has received the issue of dormitory quality in the past time.

The school quickly reported the situation to the dormitory management to let the person check it out as soon as possible. This was also reported to the management board in the meeting that took place this afternoon (March 25).

– About the water situation: The school is checking from the beginning to know the cause of dirty water, where worms come from. “The school has switched all to the city’s clean water system. Only one building in the dormitory has this problem. Maybe it’s because the water hasn’t been converted completely when switching areas. The school is conducting further checks because there are some houses around.” – Mr. Nghia said.

– About the power failure: Electricity, like the surrounding areas, also occasionally appears this power outage.

– Intermittent network: This is the fault of the network operator, not entirely the school.

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