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NATO gives more support to Ukraine but refuses to impose a no-fly zone

The statement was made at the NATO Summit in Brussels, Belgium to discuss the security situation of the bloc, especially in the context of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. However, NATO still rejected Ukraine’s proposal to impose a no-fly zone due to fear of military escalation with Russia.

NATO gives more support to Ukraine but refuses to impose a no-fly zone - 1

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg. (Photo: Reuters)

NATO leaders have approved the deployment of reserve forces in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia, in addition to troop groups already deployed in the Baltic states and in Poland, bringing the total number of multinational reserves. NATO member states, from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, to eight groups. In addition to European troops, 100,000 US troops are also deployed to support the NATO effort. In addition, NATO will deploy more forces to the east of the alliance, especially will deploy more aircraft and strengthen integrated surface-to-air defense capabilities, groups of warships, submarines with a large number of ships. large as well as combat ships will be ready at all times.

However, NATO members rejected Ukraine’s offer to impose a no-fly zone and said they would not send troops to the country for fear of being drawn into an all-out military confrontation with Russia.

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said:We supply Ukraine with advanced air defense systems, anti-tank weapons, ammunition and fuel, but we have also made it clear that we will not send NATO troops to Ukraine or send troops to this conflict. . We do it because it is our responsibility to ensure that this conflict does not escalate beyond Ukraine, causing more suffering, even more death and destruction.“.

At the NATO meeting, the military bloc’s member leaders said they were ready to increase sanctions against Russia if necessary.

French President Emmanuel Macron said:The analysis we all have shown that these sanctions have an impact and these effects are tangible on the Russian economy. Of course we are fully prepared to increase these sanctions whenever necessary“.

In a move in response to sanctions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on March 23 that “unfriendly” countries must start paying in rubles for oil and gas purchases.

Unlike some of our peers, we value our position as a trusted partner and supplier. Of course, Russia will continue to supply natural gas in the quantity and price agreed in the previous contracts. The only change is the payment method, which will use the Russian ruble”, emphasized Mr. Putin.

The “unfriendly” list includes countries that have imposed sanctions on Russia, including the US, EU member states, the UK, Ukraine…

Reacting to the above developments, many EU leaders at the NATO meeting said that the Russian President’s request was a breach of contract and that countries would discuss with their European partners to find a way to deal with them.

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