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Pham Anh Khoa “plays big” gives students the bass right on the Vietnamese Rock stage

In the final 2 Vietnamese Rock – Tiger, coach Do Hoang Hiep commented on the performance of the Paper Fold group: “From the beginning until now, the musical personality of Paper Fold is completely different, until the last round, he still retains his spirit and passion. .

Indeed, you guys are progressing day by day and I believe Paper Fold will go even further.” Meanwhile, Coach Pham Anh Khoa was even impressed with Paper Fold’s competition when he “played big” and gave him a bass. to his students with the admonition: “Give yourself joy when you play music”.

“Million-dollar director” Le Thanh Son – a media representative who made the coaches tremble with pride when he told Giap Fold: “If you have a song to make MV, I would like to be with you, want to accompany you. draw your great sadness”.

Pham Anh Khoa

Remember in the first final episode, Giap Fold expressed that he wanted to withdraw from Rock Viet – Tiger for personal reasons, the members could not focus on moving on. While in the current situation, they have to face a lot of other strong bands from rival teams.

Paper Fold then received a lot of valuable encouragement from coaches Pham Anh Khoa, Tran Tuan Hung and the other 2 pairs of coaches. It can be said that, whatever the outcome, the current Folding Paper has surpassed itself and they can be completely proud of it.

Pham Anh Khoa

How many points will Fold Paper get, is this the performance that makes the team have an advantage over other teams in the journey to the championship, can the group “overwhelm” the success of Metanoia? The answer will be in the finale 2.

The competition night will have many other attractive performances invested by the bands with the help of coaches.

Watch the final night 2 – Vietnamese Rock – Tiger Booming bravery will be broadcast at 9pm on Friday, March 25, 2022 on channel HTV7 and broadcast online at 22:30 on YouTube channel Studio 79.

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