“Prince of breaststroke” Nguyen Huu Viet suddenly passed away at the age of 33

A shock came to Vietnamese sports when “The Prince of Breaststroke” Nguyen Huu Viet passed away this morning at the age of 33 at the age of 33. According to initial information from a close friend of Vietnam, he was injured. sudden cardiac arrest.

Before that, Huu Viet also went to My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi) to watch the match between Vietnam and Oman in the 2022 World Cup qualifier last night, March 24, 2022.

Nguyen Huu Viet is one of the famous swimmers of the swimming village. The Hai Phong swimmer has helped Vietnam’s swimmers gain a new position in the region with the record of winning the SEA Games 100m breaststroke three times in a row (2005, 2007, 2009), breaking the SEA Games record for this distance in Vientiane on 11th. December 2009 (achievement 1 minute 01 second 60).

After retiring, Huu Viet worked as a youth trainer in Hai Phong. His passing is a great loss to family, friends and the sports industry.

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