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Raise your children to 100 million/month, don’t tell your children that their family is rich because of 1 thing

In recent years, Doan Di Bang has not appeared much on the red carpet and entertainment activities, but her influence is still quite large. Doan Di Bang leaves the limelight to focus on business, taking care of family and children. When it comes to her, everyone admires her rich life. Netizens even gave her the nickname “the giants of District 7”, “beautiful people of 400 billion”, “love women of brands”…

Many views believe that Doan Di Bang is rich in both material and emotional wealth. When her life was full, she began to return to giving back to society. The proof is that Doan Di Bang set up a charity fund, and together with her husband implemented many projects useful to the society and helped people in difficult circumstances.

And one of the points that everyone loves Doan Di Bang is the fact that she gave birth to 3 lovely princesses and experienced many emotions when raising adult children. Contrary to what many people think, although she has plenty of conditions and money, she does not have the concept of raising children as a true “rich-kid”. She and her husband always direct their children to live honestly, in harmony with everyone, only reward them when they do good things that are useful to the family and society, and have never revealed to their children that the family always has conditions.

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The happy family of Doan Di Bang and her husband Quoc Vu

Teach your children to always be good, develop their personality and not reveal their conditional family

On her personal page, in addition to showing off beautiful photos, Doan Di Bang also became the image of a hot mom in Saigon when she let 3 little princesses enjoy a “rich kid” standard life from a young age. However, the posting of family photos has caused this rich family to face many difficulties.

If parents are mocked because they only like to do color, many antifans will “poisonously” criticize their children for being less beautiful or rich but give birth to all daughters, then later give all their sons-in-law to enjoy. Faced with these unnecessary marketing costs, contact us, Doan Di Bang said: “Bang is not very worried about this issue because I have foreseen it, part of which is that the children have not been directly exposed to social networks. The disparaging comments will be deleted or explained to them by the couple. understand. When the children are grown up, Bang will explain to them that there will be people who love and people who don’t love them, you shouldn’t be sad about this.”

The Little Princesses of Di Bang

In particular, in this sharing, businessman wife Nguyen Quoc Vu also confided about the nickname “rich kid” that people give their children. “The life of the children of the Bang is still normal. The children go to school all day, come home to help the nannies in every possible condition. Bang has never told her children that she is rich or has any conditions. Because I don’t want them to create a distance from their friends and the closest are the nannies.” Doan Di Bang shared

Besides, teaching her children to live honestly, to perfect their personality and to live frugally is always her top priority. Although she has a “hands-on” in the level of spending when buying villas, supercars or branded goods, Bang Di is always “drunk” with her children when she wants to buy expensive items.

She shared: “Bang buys those items because it feels reasonable, not wasteful. Many of the items that the child asks for is beyond his spending limit, but Bang is ready to refuse with his children, not indulge.”

The cost of raising a child is over 100 million/month and the numbers can talk

When asked about the average amount of money each month will give the children about. Di Bang revealed: “Every month, the amount of money I spend is not the same. Only a fixed amount is to pay the nanny’s salary, tuition and daily living expenses. Shopping and travel are not always available. But I calculate it will be at least about 100 million / month.”

Previously, the giants of District 7 once made netizens faint when showing off paying for 3 nannies to take care of 3 children. Accordingly, Mr. Vu said that every month he has to spend 100 million VND for 3 employees.

Not only are they well-paid, they are also treated like family members. The nannies also get to travel by supercar, stay at the expensive resort with Di Bang’s family every time they travel.

The children of the nannies are also provided with working conditions and a stable income so that the “grandmothers” can fully devote themselves to the work of the owner. To prove that they are not “lie”, Doan Di Bang and his wife often show photos of 3 luxurious check-in nannies in many places.

As luxurious as the giants of District 7 Doan Di Bang: Raise your children to 100 million/month, don't tell your children that their family is rich because of 1 thing - Photo 3.

Di Bang’s nannies

However, with spending such a large amount of money to hire a nanny, Di Bang does not depend on the nannies, but always cares and takes care of the children.I am always at home with my children, because of the nature of Bang’s work, it is not necessary to go to the company. When the children sleep at night, the parents can rest assured that they will give the children to the nanny so that the husband and wife can have some alone time. From time to time, going on a business trip for a few days is a little, insignificant. Therefore, even though the babies are taken care of by the nannies, the person who is always closest to the children is always the mother. I do not create any distance with the children, but always create a comfortable atmosphere, so the children like it very much.” Di Bang confided.

Educate your children to appreciate money and not impose their feelings

Although he has lived in complete and happy conditions since childhood. But Doan Di Bang always teaches children to appreciate money and appreciate what they have.

“Every time the children are good and help people with housework, my wife and I will reward the children with toys and give them a few tens of thousands of dollars so they can put away the piggy bank to save money. At the end of the year, we will beat the pig once to buy things for the children. They like it and the rest will go to charity.I think this way of educating children will give them more motivation to train themselves, always do something useful for society and help them know how to appreciate them. value for money earned”.

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Doan Di Bang always teaches children to appreciate money

In addition, 9X also revealed that although the family has a business tradition, Doan Di Bang does not put pressure on her children, she always wants them to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. “I don’t force my children to do anything, including their academic achievements in school. Bang does not force them to study too much or lose their achievements with friends. As for the distant future, I hope they will become an honest person, because first be honest, then success will come.” Di Bang said.

As luxurious as the giants of District 7 Doan Di Bang: Raise your children to 100 million/month, don't tell your children that their family is rich because of 1 thing - Photo 5.

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