Red Velvet’s comeback: Irene dominates the air, the youngest Yeri is the worst!

Irene and Yeri are the 2 members with the most “sparse” singing and screen time in Red Velvet’s new music product.

Red Velvet just made a comeback with the song Feel My Rhythm and achieved positive results in both digital music and album sales.

The 5 girls show off their stunning looks and good singing skills, but as usual, fans are still “checking” their singing lines and screen time in the aforementioned MV to know each member has a chance. express yourself or not.

Wendy has the most vocal part in the song Feel My Rhythm, her vocal segment is 42.2 seconds long. Behind the female idol is Seulgi (33.1 seconds). This makes sense because Wendy is the main vocal, and Seulgi is the lead vocalist, their singing ability is already highly appreciated.

3rd place belonged to Joy, while Yeri and Irene continued to split the last two places as usual. The youngest member of Red Velvet only sang for 18.6 seconds, while the number of times the visual and leader Irene sang was only 14.8 seconds.

In many previous re-appearances, these two members also often stood at the “bottom of the table” to split the line. The position of rapper in the group somewhat does not give them many opportunities to show.

Red Velvet's comeback: Irene dominates the air, the youngest Yeri is the worst! -1

However, Irene is compensated considering the screen time in the MV Feel My Rhythm. The female idol’s solo scene is up to 25.9 seconds long – not much different from the leader Seulgi (27.1 seconds). Moreover, Red Velvet’s eldest sister was also praised for her top-notch beauty.

Third place behind Irene is Wendy, her personal scene takes 24.8 seconds. It can be seen that Wendy has received more attention because of her comeback with Queendom and Psychoshe has the least screen time in the group.

The remaining two positions belong to Joy (21 seconds) and Yeri (19.6 seconds), respectively. For Yeri, this is quite unfortunate because her singing part is not much, but the female idol is still not “compensated” with screen time despite her visual improvement.

However, in general, Red Velvet’s singing and screen time in the MV Feel My Rhythm no significant difference. Except for Wendy and Seulgi with the most singing lines, the rest are only a few seconds apart, the solo scenes are also relatively regular, not making fans dissatisfied.

The important thing is that the whole group brings uniformity, harmony, and joins hands to create the success of the new song.

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