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Seeing his wife’s car parked outside the supermarket at 3 am, the husband looked inside and witnessed a shocking sight

Recently, a man in Zimbabwe accidentally caught his wife having an affair with another man. However, this husband’s treatment made many people surprised, even dissatisfied.

The incident took place in the town of Maphisa, in the Matobo district of South-western province of Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. At around 3 am Tendai Phiri, 47 years old, never saw his wife coming home, so he was quite worried, so he went to look for his wife.

Moments later, Mr Tendai Phiri found his wife’s car, Perseverance Ndlovu, 31, parked right outside the supermarket. Mr. Tendai quickly approached to check, unexpectedly when he looked into the car door, he was surprised to see Miss Perseverance “raining” with a foreign man in the car.

Seeing his wife's car parked outside the supermarket at 3 am, the husband looked inside and witnessed a shocking scene - 1


In anger and jealousy, Mr. Tendai tried to open the car door to break down, but the lover locked the door. Tendai then picked up a rock on the side of the road and shattered the windshield. Miss Perseverance tried to leave but was unsuccessful as the crowd gathered to watch jealously, blocking her way. Mr. Tendai hastily beat up the “adultery” couple because he was so angry.

People who live in Maphisa town say that Miss Perseverance is a woman who is very free to choose. She has many illicit relationships behind her husband. But each time Mr. Tendai was patient, agreeing to forgive his wife after every time he caught her having an affair.

But this time, Mr. Tendai felt very angry because he had just caught his wife having sex with another man. At that time, Miss Perseverance promised not to do it again.

A resident who lives nearby said: “Her husband was angry when he found out that his wife was cheating on him. He caught his wife cheating on him many times but always forgave him and the couple returned to the marriage. The man was happy as if nothing had happened. This time, he seems very angry. Usually, he is known as a gentle person.”

In an interview with local media, Mr. Tendai said that he was very angry when he found out Perseverance was having an affair with someone else but was always ready to forgive him as he loved her very much. It is known that Mr. Tendai and Mrs. Perseverance have been married for 8 years.

Mr. Tendai shared: “I was heartbroken when I found out that he cheated on me. It makes me wonder where I went wrong, what I was lacking, but when you love someone you always feel like forgiving that person. I forgive him from the bottom of my heart. I hope everything can go back to normal because I love him so much. I think we need counseling after what happened.”

After the jealousy incident, Mr. Tendai also spent money to repair Mrs. Perseverance’s car which was damaged as a sign that he was willing to forgive his wife again. However, Perseverance did not seem to want to continue with her marriage. Every time Mr. Tendai called his wife, Mrs. Perseverance said that he was not ready to talk. Meanwhile, Mr Tendai said he had no comment on what just happened.

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