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Selling sales on smartphones helps save costs for businesses

Pioneering in technology application, Mondelez and his long-time partner FPT Software built a sales platform on all devices, translating to personal phones. The system helps sales staff to optimize sales thanks to the ability to schedule meetings with agents with a reasonable travel schedule. When creating an order, the platform suggests additional potential items, thanks to the ability to analyze data about the order frequency and demand of the distribution agent, avoiding omissions in the exchange.

Incoming orders are synchronized throughout the system, enabling departments from accounting and warehousing to coordinate the preparation of goods, invoices, and shipping. Running smoothly and unifying data helps related departments in the company to operate smoothly.

All data has also been pioneered by enterprises to bring the system to the cloud (Cloud) since 2019, enhancing data synchronization, security upgrades as well as multi-device connectivity in real time.

According to Mr. Nguyen Tri Thai – Director of DMS Solution Center of FPT Software, the problem lies in the diverse number of devices, scattered across regions. Each type of device uses a different type of connection wave, depending on the accuracy of the map positioning ability, the strength and weakness of the underlying network, etc., can create large deviations for customer data. “We adjusted many parameters to double the accuracy of the phone,” said Thai.

The technology platform allows to separate two streams of work, work and personal, to help ensure user privacy while optimizing information security for businesses.

When switching to work mode, business information and photos of customers and orders are transferred directly to Mondelez’s system on the Cloud platform. As a result, businesses still ensure the requirements of the operating process, helping to create a comprehensive customer portrait, boosting sales and sustainable growth for the business.

“At the same time, the system is capable of integrating artificial intelligence applications to recognize images, voices, analyze business and human data. Expanding more multi-channel sales, the ecosystem will support businesses make prerequisite decisions, promoting business efficiency and competitiveness,” shared Mr. Thai.

The Mondelez representative knows that this platform has helped Mondelez save operating costs up to several million USD/year, and at the same time, meet the work needs of thousands of employees simultaneously using it.

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