Semi-finals of Blue Venture Award season 4 named top 10 promising startups in Vietnam

Blue Venture Award (BVA) is an award for finding, incubating and connecting the startup community with the criterion of balancing corporate profits and community benefits. In the semi-finals of season 4, 10 excellent businesses scored with the evaluation panel thanks to their impressive presentations.

10 outstanding companies from many fields

In the field of technology, the competition has 3 outstanding businesses: VECA (connecting sellers and buyers of technology bottles through payment by e-wallet); Fika Social (social networking and dating platform); Weshare (in the field of sustainable social fundraising).

In the field of agriculture, the competition recorded 3 excellent representatives. The first is Tra Vinh Farm – a business that develops coconut nectar. Next is Vinasamex – an enterprise aiming to raise the value of Vietnamese cinnamon trees, help farmers have more income and contribute to reducing the impact of climate change through farming according to international organic standards. Finally, there is Sa-ach – a unit that develops natural agriculture such as a 4-storey tree ecosystem, raising and producing products from crickets, producing organic and microbial organic fertilizers…

The Top 10 also gathers startups specializing in seafood, health, environment, supporting industries, F&B such as VinaCrab, LMS Academy, Viet Anh Environmental Engineering Construction Company, Manna Reed Straw Company. st…

In the semi-final round of “Community Entrepreneurs – Blue Venture Award”, the top 10 had a presentation before the appraisal board with business ideas that were both humane and practical.

Reputation Appraisal Council

In addition to the judges who are influential businessmen, the program has the presence of the prestigious Electoral Council. These are the people who choose the top 4 businesses from the top 10, then choose the top 3 from the top 4+1. The Board of Directors is responsible for supporting 1-1 online training for the top 3, and at the same time training the winners to raise capital on the Indiegogo platform.

During the competition, the Power Council had 2 sharing and training sessions for the top 10 and top 5. This activity helps entrepreneurs improve their presentation skills and understand how businesses operate.

The program invited three prominent faces, taking on the role of the Power Council, Mr. Le Hai Binh – Chairman of AXYS Group; Ms. Quynh Vo – CEO of Zone Startups Vietnam and Mr. Tran Thanh Tung – Co-founder of Saigon Teu comedy group, Loli&The Wolf brand and Monkey in Black coffee chain.

Mr. Le Hai Binh famously said: “When you accept or decide to be a pioneer, you will either die very quickly or grow very quickly”. Mr. Binh has participated in many TV programs such as “CEO – True Stories” to inspire the young generation on the path of entrepreneurship. Currently, Mr. Binh is behind Mat Bao – a member company of AXYS Group, one of the largest domain name and hosting providers in Vietnam.

The semi-finals of the Blue Venture Award season 4 named the top 10 promising Vietnamese startups - Photo 1.

Mr. Le Hai Binh is famous for the initiative of ATM rice plants integrating new technology.

As the only female member of the Power Council, Quynh Vo is known as a “matchmaker” when consulting and connecting for many startups. She graduated and worked in Singapore companies before joining in project management at Viet Capital Securities Company.

After participating in Forbes Vietnam magazine, she has worked at the Economic Department of the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam since May 2014. As of June 2018, she runs the Accelerator Zone Startups Vietnam program – part of the global Zone Startups network with programs in Canada, India, New York and Japan.

The semi-finals of the Blue Venture Award season 4 named the top 10 promising startups in Vietnam - Photo 2.

Startup “matchmaker” Quynh Vo is a prominent face in the Power Council.

The Council also has the presence of Mr. Tran Thanh Tung, often called by the nickname Tung BT. In addition to owning the Monkey in Black coffee chain, co-founder of Loli&The Wolf, Mr. Tung is also behind many community projects on sex education. He is on the organizing committee of SME Mentoring 1on1 – a program that provides mentors in the field of startups in Vietnam.

With a charming comedic performance, fluent speech and rich business knowledge, Mr. Tung is also the man behind the comedy group Saigon Teu.

The semi-finals of the Blue Venture Award season 4 named the top 10 promising startups in Vietnam - Photo 3.

Mr. Tran Thanh Tung is in charge of the role of a startup consultant in the Power Council.

In the upcoming round of the top 4+1, the teams will give presentations in different forms, handle situations from the judges, thereby demonstrating their creativity and improvisation against the impact of Covid-19 and market volatility. The Board of Directors will evaluate and select 3 faces to the final round. Readers’ reference here.


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