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South Korea conducts missile drills shortly after North Korea test ICBM

South Korea’s Hyunmoo II ballistic missile is fired during an exercise in South Korea in September 2017. (Artwork: AP)

South Korea’s military said it had launched “multiple guided missiles and ballistic missiles” during the war missile drills right after the North Korea incident ballistic missile launch intercontinental (ICBM).

According to Yonhap news agency, South Korea’s military conducted a live-fire drill, which included launching several key rockets to show off power against North Korea.

Missiles launched from land, sea and air include Hyunmoo-2, ATACMS, Haesung-II and 2 JDAM missiles. The drills aim to send a clear message to North Korea.

South Korea also said it was “ready and capable” of precision strikes against North Korea’s missile launch sites and control systems “if necessary”.

South Korean military officials said the exercise was aimed at proving the South Korean military’s ability to precisely strike the location of any North Korean missile system.

South Korea conducts missile drills right after North Korea test ICBM - Photo 1.

South Korea’s Hyunmu-2 missile fired. (Photo: Yonhap)

Previously, on March 24, North Korea launched an object that flew towards the East Sea of ​​the Korean peninsula. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) said North Korea appeared to have test-fired a long-range ballistic missile.

The Japan Coast Guard, meanwhile, said it was likely a ballistic missile and appeared to have landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, near waters in Aomori Prefecture. According to the Japanese Ministry of Defense, the object above is most likely a ballistic missile. The Japan Coast Guard also issued an emergency warning to ships about the launch.

At an emergency meeting of the National Security Council on March 24, South Korean President Moon Jae-in criticized the North’s missile launch as a violation of the memorandum of understanding on ICBM launches. This latest launch violates North Korea’s commitment to halt intercontinental ballistic missile launches and violates United Nations sanctions, Moon Jae-in said.

The South Korean military also said that the North Korean missile that was tested on the afternoon of the same day was capable of reaching a maximum altitude of 6,200 km and a range of 1,080 km.

North Korea’s ICBM launch was carried out at a sensitive time, when President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol was preparing to succeed President Moon Jae-in.

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