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Thai actor died of unknown cause at the age of 26

(Dan Tri) – Thai actor – Beam Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote has passed away suddenly. Police are conducting an investigation into the unusual death of the 26-year-old star.

On March 23, Thairath newspaper reported that actor Beam Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote died suddenly at the age of 26. On the evening of March 23, Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote’s family and manager confirmed to the media the sudden departure of the actor. pellets. Currently, the cause of death of Beam Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote has not been announced.

The representative of Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote shared: “We have lost a talented and responsible guy. Beam’s departure is a great pain for relatives and friends.”

Thai actor died of unknown cause at the age of 26 - 1

Actor Beam Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote has passed away suddenly at the age of 26 (Photo: Instagram).

According to some sources, the 26-year-old actor passed out while sleeping at home. He was rushed to the emergency room by his family but did not survive. The actor’s mother was the first to notice his abnormality and call an ambulance.

The police immediately went to the home of the actor born in 1996 to examine the scene and investigate the cause of death. Before his death, Beam was still happy to share the moment of play sport on personal page.

Beam Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote, born in 1996, was a Taekwondo athlete before joining the entertainment industry. He played nearly 100 professional matches until the age of 14. He surprised many people when he decided to give up his sports career and the opportunity to join the national team to become an actor since 2015.

Beam has participated in a number of projects such as Water Boys: The Series, Project S: Spike, Blacklist, The Stranded, Duang Jai Nai Montra. In 2019, he took on the male lead role in the movie The Stranded (Stranded).

Beam Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote died at the age of 26 (Video: Global News).

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