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The bride wears gold around her neck, looks like a famous actress

Clip: The bride receives a “terrific” wedding gift.

Last night (March 24), social networks surfaced a short clip recording a “super horrific” wedding in the West causing a stir. In the clip, the bride wears a sparkling red dress like a princess out of a fairy tale. She also has a beauty that is not inferior to any Vietnamese hotgirl: oval face, pink white skin, beautiful lips… Even many people realize that she has a beauty like actress Ngan.

The most striking is the number of wedding gifts that the beautiful bride received on the big day of her life. He wears dozens of gold trees on his body: he wears 10 big gold bracelets – two big chains; the two wrists are covered with gold rings and the fingers are covered with gold rings.

It is known that the above wedding took place on March 16-17 in Bac Lieu. The beautiful bride was named Huynh Mai, and the groom was Nhat Ky. The two spent time getting to know each other and later got married. In particular, the families of the two sides are very good at registering with each other, both have very good economic conditions, so they are ready to give the bride a “super terrible” gift.

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The beautiful bride is beaming on the big day of her life. (Photo cut from clip)

As soon as it was posted, the short clip caught the attention of netizens with one million views and tens of thousands of comments. Everyone was surprised by the wealth of both families, and at the same time “envy” the bride who received so many wedding gifts.

Nicknamed Ngoc Hoa commented: “It’s true at the beginning of the year there were brides who “opened the bowl” to receive a gold dowry, so there are too many terrible weddings in 2022. Looking at the number of gold bracelets this bride is wearing, I think it must be 30 gold. What’s more, the price of gold at the time of marriage is still at its peak? Truly admiring. Wish this couple a lifetime of happiness.”

Has anyone seen this Bac Lieu bride like actress Ngan Khanh? She was beautiful and gentle and had a luxurious look. Seeing her in a red wedding dress and wearing gold all over her body is simply amazing! It’s true that every girl has a different fate: one marriage has no gifts, the other wears gold all over her body. Hopefully the girl and the groom will get some good news soon”, said a member of Tuyet Bui.

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As soon as it was posted, the short clip caught the attention of netizens with one million views and tens of thousands of comments. (Screenshots)

Ngoc Tran said: “There are a lot of gold weddings in the West. Almost every wedding that goes viral on social media is here. I really envy brides who wear gold with their heavy necks. With so many wedding gifts the bride receives at the wedding ceremony, it is enough for the couple to start their married life smoothly. Both can deposit a savings bank with monthly interest or a profitable investment. Congratulations to the beautiful bride and talented groom.”

Before that, the social network suddenly spread a series of pictures recording the golden engagement scene of the talented couple. Therefore, in addition to the wedding offerings like many other Vietnamese weddings such as betel, confectionery, fruits, etc., this “super terrible” wedding also has the appearance of 100 gold trees.

The engagement ceremony above took place on 9/3 in Ho Chi Minh City. The bride’s name is Thao Le, and the groom’s is Jimmy Truong. The beautiful bride revealed that the dowry that appeared in the pictures on social networks was 2 gold bars and some jewelry up to 100 gold trees (worth 7 billion VND at the time of purchase). And the large amount of gold above was a wedding gift that the two families, especially sister Thao Le, gave to her and her husband on this special occasion.

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