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The girl lived with her grandfather since the age of 3: Having parents is a luxury dream

When I was a child, after my dream of having my mother braid my hair like a princess, my father carried me on my shoulder… my childhood was a series of bewildered days looking for my father, tears like rain when I was called a “fatherless child”, a “gravester” orphans”, “dropped children”….

Parents are a luxury dream

Me, the daughter who, according to my mother, is the product of a beautiful love and the marriage unfinished, unsatisfactory. It was the love and marriage of a beautiful young student and an ugly stonemason.

My mother loved and married my father at a very young age. At that time, the mother brought the beautiful beauty of a girl who was both beautiful and highly educated. My father was just a stone cutter with a below average appearance.

But parents know and love each other like a destiny. To this day, I still can’t explain why two people with so many differences can fall in love and get married.

Loving my father, my mother accepted unfinished school to become a bride in her twenties. Unfortunately, that love is only beautiful when budding. Not long after returning to live together, the parents experienced a great event and then decided to find their own happiness.

The girl lived with her grandfather since the age of 3: Having parents is a luxury dream
Grandpa and I when I was a kid.

We broke up when I was still red. Dad has a new happiness, I roll in my mother’s arms. When I was 3 years old, my mother also took another step to make me grow up in a longing for parental love.

When I was a kid, when I saw my friends whose parents took me to school, to go out, I craved so much. I also want to have my mother braid my hair like a princess, want to be carried on my shoulder by my father… I want to eat rice on the same tray, sleep in the same bed with my parents…

But after those dreams, it was just a series of days when I was bewildered to find my father, the eyes of covetousness when I saw my friends with their parents picking them up after school. Once, being teased by a classmate as a child “without parents”, I was so hurt that I dropped out of school and ran home crying like rain.

Just like that, my childhood passed in the absence of parents. Now, when I think back, that memory of mine is only grandparents, aunts and uncles with the same dream of having parents. Even for me at that time, having parents was a luxurious and far-fetched dream.

But life goes on and never takes anything away from anyone. Without my parents by my side, I have a “superhero” who makes me forget the malicious words: “You are a child without parents”, “orphan”, “dropped child”.. .

Special “Superhero”

That’s my grandfather. To me, he is a superhero, a childhood sky, and the most wonderful man in the world. My childhood was associated with the back of his white shirt, his big rough but strangely warm hands.

I moved in with my grandparents when I was 3 years old. Thanks to him, my childhood was not too disadvantaged despite the absence of the love of my parents.

During those years, he alone took on the role of both my father and mother. He loves me dearly. He would rather suffer hunger and tear to cultivate a perfect childhood for me.

The girl lived with her grandfather since the age of 3: Having parents is a luxury dream
For the first time in 19 years, I was asked and advised by my father.

He had faded shirts, torn shoulders, worn-out shoes, broken straps… but he never left me bare-headed, barefoot… He replaced my parents to protect, protect and take care of me every piece of food and sleep.

When I was a kid, I sat in the back of his car. In the crisp engine sound of the aged Dream, I chirped all the songs I learned in kindergarten. Sometimes, I naively asked him: “When will your father come back?”.

At those times, he gave me answers that warmed my heart. The day I went to school, he picked me up regardless of rain or shine. At home, he diligently taught me to study, meticulously drew me a bird, a fish…

He also joined me in all competitions. As always, he would stand outside the school gate or under the stage to watch and support me.

Just like that, friends have parents, I have grandfathers to accompany me. Thanks to that, I gain confidence and strive to rise up. His love helped me to be tolerant enough to face and accept the reality that my parents could not be together.

That affection also helps me to be strong to see that pain as a beautiful soul scar. And, I also realized that life is not that long, there is no place for anger and hatred.

I am not angry with my parents anymore and have reconnected with my father for about 2 years now. Dad boasted to everyone about his daughter Ngoc Mai “very good, very good and understanding”…

I left my hometown and entered Ho Chi Minh City in the middle of a cold February day. With a very large suitcase, I arrived at a place that I thought would help me forget what was old. Here, after 19 years, for the first time, my father asked me to visit and instruct me so much.

Unexpectedly, in the midst of bustling Ho Chi Minh City, thousands of kilometers away from my hometown, I felt the boundless love and happiness of having a father.

I still believe that fatherly love is something that can’t be burned even if it’s cut. Is it just the harshness of life that makes it temporarily “sleep” so that when the storm passes, it will rise again…

Ngoc Mai

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