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The ‘golden’ opportunity of Vietnam tourism

“A Rising Star in Southeast Asia”

According to a recent study by the British Travel Association (ABTA), nearly 60% of British people have booked a holiday abroad in the next 12 months, up sharply from 44% in October 2021. . This rate is close to pre-pandemic levels, reflecting the increasing confidence of British tourists when restrictions are lifted in this country from March 18.

The UK’s preferred destinations are places full of sunshine, with beautiful beaches and many interesting natural experiences. In this trend, the British media last week reported on Asian countries that are gradually reopening the tourism industry, in which special attention is paid to Vietnam.

The British newspaper The Times in the middle of this month published an article with the title “Vietnam will continue to attract tourists, thanks to its strange but friendly features”.

Vietnam is a “rising star” in Southeast Asia, worthy of being a priority choice for tourists for their post-lockdown journey.“, this newspaper commented and emphasized that “when the epidemic restrictions are lifted in this famous Southeast Asian country, it is time for us to go there again”.

According to Google Destination Insights statistics, the UK has been one of the top European countries with the highest search volume for Vietnam since December 2021, showing that Vietnam is increasingly becoming a favorite destination for tourists. the land of the blind bones.

British tourists flock to the warm sunny sea: The 'golden' opportunity of Vietnam tourism - 1

International tourists love Vietnam because of its beautiful natural scenery and increasingly modern service ecosystem.

Before the pandemic, the number of British visitors to Vietnam also achieved a growth of 10-15% per year, of which 2019 recorded a record number with more than 315,000 arrivals. The UK ranks second in Europe in terms of tourist arrivals to our country over the past 10 years, according to data from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

British tourists choose Vietnam as a destination for many purposes such as conferences, seminars, business and work, but most are still resort, learn and explore nature. They are also among the group of guests who have a long stay and are willing to pay for high-class experiences such as golf resorts, a potential service in our country today.

Opportunities for Vietnamese tourism

The good signals from the UK market are opening up great opportunities for Vietnamese tourism. Especially on March 21, Vietnam reached an agreement to recognize mutual vaccine passports with 17 countries including the UK, which means that British tourists can apply the same medical measures as people who have been vaccinated. vaccines in the country.

Besides, the travel bridge for tourists from the two countries Vietnam – UK has also become more convenient when Bamboo Airways has just put into operation a regular commercial direct route Hanoi – London from March 22.

In order to stimulate the flow of international tourists to Vietnam, which is increasing strongly again, a number of large enterprises in Vietnam have been actively approaching the tourist market in Europe and the UK through a series of large-scale promotion programs. and methodical.

Most recently, the series of investment promotion activities with the theme “Discover the most unique multi-industry ecosystem in Vietnam – FLC Group” took place in London on the afternoon of March 30. The event took place within the framework of “Vietnam Week in the UK” organized by the Embassy of Vietnam in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in collaboration with FLC Group and Bamboo Airways from March 28. – 3/4.

British tourists flock to the warm sunny sea: The 'golden' opportunity of Vietnam tourism - 2

The investment promotion forum “Discover the most unique multi-industry ecosystem in Vietnam” will take place in London (UK) on the afternoon of March 30.

The forum has the participation of leaders of Vietnamese and British authorities at all levels; representatives of diplomatic missions; financial institutions, fund management companies, investment funds, businesses, potential individual investors in the UK and Europe, Vietnamese and international news agencies and press.

Here, British people will be introduced to information about the most unique and attractive tourism, resort and aviation ecosystem in Vietnam. At the same time, local investors will be able to share about areas that attract foreign capital flows in Vietnam such as tourism infrastructure, aviation, real estate, as well as cooperation in exploiting the tourism market. between Vietnam and the UK.

For FLC Group and Bamboo Airways, in addition to accessing and introducing products, this is also an opportunity for these businesses to learn most specifically the needs of British tourists in particular and Europe in general. to continue to improve and expand products with the goal of best exploiting this potential market.

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