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The picture that “stormed” social media caused Princess Kate to receive a lot of criticism, Meghan had a hand in it

Princess Kate and her husband is on an eight-day trip to the Caribbean, with Jamaica being the couple’s second stop. However, it seems that things did not go completely smoothly for the duchess.

On the social network Twitter has spread the recorded clip Princess Kate’s awkward moment, somewhat avoids contact with a woman of color. Not stopping there, the picture of her shaking hands with Jamaicans through an iron fence also received mixed opinions.

The picture

The moment Princess Kate made many people criticize.

The picture

The controversial photo of Princess Kate.

The Duchess of Cambridge was accused of being unfriendly, sociable and discriminating against people of color. However, royal experts have defended Princess Kate, saying that a part of internet users have distorted the truth.

In fact, the photo was taken when the Duchess and Kate went to the football field to interact with some young players and famous Jamaican football star, Raheem Sterling. Many other photos published by the British newspaper show that player Raheem Sterling also interacts with fans through metal fences.

Because they are in the training ground, player Raheem Sterling and the Duchess Kate can only shake people’s hands in such a situation. Taking advantage of this, a part of public opinion deliberately “blasphemed” the Duchess.

The picture
The picture

Football superstar Raheem Sterling also interacted with fans through the iron fence.

Royal editor and host of the Pod Save The Queen podcast, Russell Myers shared on the media: “For all the negative comments from the cropped pictures of William and Kate as they say hello and shake hands with the people behind the metal fence, in fact on the football field, I don’t understand what they mean. where to start. Distorting the truth is extremely cruel and disappointing behavior“.

Instead of speaking up to defend the truth, Meghan’s best friend, Omid Scobie, co-author of the book “In Search of Freedom” has moved to add fuel to the fire. According to Omid Scobie, the photo above shows the Palace should have “diversity” to avoid having such bad moments.

Some experts have accused Meghan of making things worse, making the couple’s trip difficult. This stems from Meghan once accusing the British royal family of not allowing Archie to be a prince because of the baby’s skin color.

The picture

Meghan is accused of making Princess Kate’s visit a lot of trouble.

The Duchess also accused her husband’s family of treating her unfairly. Meghan said that the royal family only spoke the truth to protect members except Meghan. The Cambridge family and the Sussex family have not yet commented on the incident.

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