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The price of the old Mazda 6 is in stock for liquidation, down to hundreds of millions of dong

Some dealers are currently offering the old Mazda6 2021 with a price lowered to more than 100 million VND.

Although it’s almost the end of March 2022, at some Mazda dealerships, there are still a lot of cars Mazda6 has a production date of 2021 and has not yet been sold. Depending on the dealer, the number of cars in stock is more or less.

Facing the psychology of consumers who do not like old cars, dealers are forced to liquidate, “down” the price of these cars quite deeply to quickly discharge goods.

Accordingly, in the past few days, some dealers have offered the old 2.0L Luxury with a cash discount of up to 65 million VND, depending on the policy of each agent.

The price of the old Mazda 6 is in stock for liquidation, down to hundreds of millions of dong
The old Mazda 6 is in stock for liquidation, reducing the price by hundreds of millions of dong

Thus, plus a 50% discount on the registration fee (equivalent to about 50 million VND) from the Government, the total price reduction of this model deepens to more than 100 million VND, pulling the car price down to only 774 million.
However, according to the reporter’s research, the number of Mazda6 VIN 2021 cars is still very small at dealers. Each dealer only has 1-2 cars.

Meanwhile, the new Mazda6 2022 version also receives a discount of 50% of the registration fee according to the company’s policy, and 50% of the fee from the Government.

Mazda6 belongs to the D-size sedan segment in Vietnam market. In addition to the improved design advantages, many modern equipment, the most competitive price in the D-class sedan segment in Vietnam, competing with fellow competitors such as Toyota Camry, Honda Accord. However, this model still has many disadvantages such as the rear seat of the Mazda 6 is not as spacious as expected compared to some other D-class sedans. Wireless charging placed in an unwieldy location. Poor quality 360 camera system. The soundproofing of the car is still a bit noisy. Tires are thin, so you have to check tire pressure often, a little bit too young or a little bit tight to drive, feeling a bit smooth…

That may be the reason why Mazda still receives a lot of incentives from the company and dealers every month, but sales are always low, only about 100 cars per month, making Mazda6 unable to prevail against rivals. This model even reached the top of the monthly best-selling car a number of times. Most recently, in January of this year, Mazda6 ranked 9th in the top 10 sold-out cars in Vietnam with sales of only 71 cars sold to the market.

Entering February 2022, Mazda6 achieved sales of only 110 vehicles. Total sales in the first two months of this model year reached 181 vehicles. This number puts the Mazda 6 near the bottom of the segment.

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