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The Secretary of the Central Committee of the Union was ‘surprised’ by the question of young people’s school choice

That is the sharing of Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union at a dialogue with union members, youth and children at home and abroad, with the theme “Dedication aspiration – Youth life reason”. .

At the dialogue held on the afternoon of March 25, Nguyen Thi Thuong, Secretary of the Youth Union of Ba Sao town, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province asked a question:

“In recent years, many high school students have not oriented their careers, so when they graduate, they often choose schools roughly, the rate of young people entering vocational training still does not meet the quantity and quality of vocational training. .

Therefore, the majority of graduates do not work in the field of training but work in other professions. So, I would like to ask you about the solution to help students guide their career right from the beginning so that they can choose the right career and get a job in the right industry?”

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Union – Nguyen Anh Tuan said that when he heard this question, he was also “startled” because he was also doing the wrong field of training, when he specialized in financial management and banking. , but currently working as an officer of the Union.

“Of course, in some respects this is also a normal thing, but if from the general perspective of society, when this percentage is too large, it is also a story that we need to think about.”

According to Mr. Tuan, around 2008 this was indeed a problem of the whole society, when many high school graduates had not yet determined their career future, did not know what career field they were suitable for, and sometimes choose a career very randomly or follow the advice of parents or family media, or go to any school, go to that school… Especially, at this stage, the division between going to university and college, vocational intermediate level is not high.

However, after the Law on Vocational Education was enacted, this phenomenon has changed a lot. Currently, the career stream rate is more than 90%, the career choice of high school students is much better. Every year, not only the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Training, the Central Youth Union, but also units and schools have many activities to orientate early career education for students.

“The fact that students choose a career randomly, without direction has decreased a lot. However, there are still consequences and wastes for both society and you personally when you lose career and job opportunities”, Mr. Tuan said.

In the future, we will continue to deploy more solutions. In which, continuing to perfect the virtual assistant software to check career trends and career suitability for students at the end of middle school and high school.

At the same time, continue to promote career counseling for high school and late secondary school students. This activity is somewhat more convenient with the application of digital technology; on the basis of forecasting human resource needs of the country. In addition, do a better job of introducing jobs and equipping young people with job and life skills.

“The career shaping for young people is not only the school, the Youth Union, but the role of family, relatives and self-perception is also very important.”

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Central Committee also called on the union members and young people, now in a new era, in addition to knowledge, skills and expertise, they must choose the right path in accordance with their passions and desires. want to contribute. “Without aspirations, passions, and no desire to assert themselves in each of their small jobs and careers, young people will go astray, without making the right and most suitable choices. And when it’s not right in the first choice, life and work will not be as you want, let alone contribute more and more effectively to the country.”

Therefore, I hope that young people also need to be self-aware to choose the most suitable profession for themselves. It doesn’t matter what job we do, what position we hold, it’s important to contribute to the common work where we study and work”, Mr. Tuan shared.

The Secretary of the Central Committee of the Union was 'surprised' by the question of young people's school choice
Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Youth Union.

Don’t think that you have to do a big job, really great work is to contribute to the country

At the dialogue, the MC also asked a question directly to the First Secretary of the Central Committee: “When you were 18-20 years old, what did you aspire to and now as a youth leader in Vietnam, what do you aspire to?”

The First Secretary of the Central Committee said that this is a difficult question. Because shaping aspirations at the age of 18 is not clear. “At that time, it was probably just passions and desires. Now, in this position, the aspiration is more clearly defined,” said Mr. Tuan.

“When I was 18 years old, I was in grade 12, a “people” majoring in Physics, my biggest dream was to study Geophysics. I love astronomy, space science. The book that I read the most until now is still the book: “Black Holes and the Universe”.

Back to the story of orientation, career choice. My family wants me to study Physics Pedagogy to become a Physics teacher, and I like Geophysics. But the research conditions related to this field were extremely limited in Vietnam at that time. After that, I decided to study Finance – Banking of National Economics University. I also worked for a while as a teacher at the National Economics University, then returned to work at the Central Youth Union.

And my aspiration now is in harmony with the current of Vietnamese youth today. I want to contribute, dedicate my energy and wisdom to contribute to the country. I think that I have to try to work and improve myself every day. I have to work better today than yesterday and tomorrow I have to do better than today. As long as I am in the position of the job I am doing, assigned, and I am always thinking, thinking, exploring, and creating to do the best I can, that is also a way to express my passion and aspiration. “, Tuan said.

“I think that young people should not think that they have to do something big, do great jobs to contribute to the country. But even in every day job, if we try to complete the work in the best way, we are also contributing to society and the country.”

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