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The suspicious clip “The leaf is flying” tries to swim to find someone to save

(Dan Tri) – When the clip extracted from the surveillance camera at the accident site of actress Tangmo Nida was published, Thai public opinion stirred up again. The clip raised the suspicion that the actress tried to swim to the shore.

Thai actress – Tangmo Nida died while walking on the river with five friends on the night of February 24. Her body was found after 38 hours missing in the river. Currently, the case related to Tangmo Nida is still being investigated and clarified by the Thai police.

Up to this point, the police investigation still believes that this is a river accident, ruling out the possibility that the actress was murdered. However, Tangmo Nida’s family and friends disagree with this conclusion and want the police to conduct a second autopsy and collect more evidence. On March 17, a second autopsy was performed and the results are expected to be announced in about two weeks.

Stirring the suspicious clip The flying leaf tries to swim to find someone to save - 1

The late actress Tangmo Nida (Photo: Instagram).

Previously, some clips recording the image of actress Tangmo Nida suspected of being dragged under the water or trying to jump off the yacht also caused a stir in the online community. However, authorities said they need more time to verify the accuracy of these clips.

On March 22, Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon – General Secretary of Thailand’s National Anti-Corruption Network again caused a stir when appearing at a press conference and releasing a CCTV clip (surveillance camera) related to Tangmo Nida died on the Chao Phraya River.

The time the clip was recorded was at 21:35 on February 24, the day of the actress The leaf is flying have an accident. Around this time, a boat passed through Rama VII Bridge, heading towards Rama VIII Bridge. This is also the time when Tangmo Nida is said to have fallen from the boat. At 21:41, a large object emerged in the middle of the Chao Phraya River and appeared to be trying to swim to the shore. At 21:53, a fishing boat passed through the area and rowed to the floating object in the river but left.

Stirring the suspicious clip The flying leaf tries to swim to find someone to save - 2

Image taken from the clip suspecting actress Tangmo Nida trying to swim for help after falling into the water (Photo: Thairath).

The shared clip raises suspicions that the ill-fated actress tried to get help but was ignored. Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon said that the thing to do now is to find the boatman to get more information.

He said at the press conference: “I want to ask the boatman what happened. I want to ask the volunteers to help me find the white shirt of Tangmo and the boatman.”

On March 23, a representative of Tangmo Nida’s incident investigation agency said that they have questioned a total of 115 witnesses and performed two simulations of the scene. The 5 people who were on the boat with the ill-fated actress on the night of the incident will likely be interrogated with a lie detector if the investigation agency deems it necessary.

Lieutenant General Pol Chiraphat, representative of the investigation agency, said that all five friends on the boat with Tangmo Nida on the night of her accident were not allowed to leave Thailand, had to declare every 5 days.

Two characters were urgently arrested on February 26 – Por and Robert must strictly comply with these requirements while on bail. These two people are being investigated for the crime of unintentionally causing the death of another person. They have been going to the temple to become a monk since March 14, right after the 3-day funeral of the famous actress.

Stirring the suspicious clip The flying leaf tries to swim to find someone to save - 3

Robert (left) – one of two people arrested by the police on February 26 in connection with the death of actress Tangmo Nida who came to work at the police station on March 22 (Photo: Thairath).

Lieutenant General Pol Chiraphat emphasized that the case of Tangmo Nida continues to be investigated and asked the public to calm down and trust the investigative agency. They cannot conclude at this time because the results of the second autopsy are not yet available. After the results are available, it will take about 1-2 weeks before making a final conclusion on the case.

Regarding the new evidence provided by Mr. Mongkolkit Suksintharanon, the investigating agency hopes that he will present evidence and they will collect more original sources. If the clip is accurate and reliable, they will recognize this as evidence of the incident.

For information, Tangmo Nida’s white dress is missing and has not been found, the representative of the investigation agency said that the dress is not necessary because there is enough other evidence. In addition, during the simulation of the scene, this white dress is also not related to the incident.

On March 23, lawyer Krishna – the legal representative of Ms. Panida (Tangmo Nida’s mother) mentioned the information on social networks. He said that people should be careful with statements and information on social networks, to avoid giving “noisy” information related to the case.

Tangmo Nida shows off her voice in a TV show (Video: One minute by yuth).

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