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The threat from indoor air pollution that you don’t know

Friday, March 25, 2022 10:00 AM (GMT+7)

Most people think that air pollution usually occurs outdoors, where there are vehicles passing or there are emission factories. The truth is that air pollution has absolutely no area restrictions, chances are right now, the air in your home is also polluted without you even knowing it.

Closed to avoid pollution?

Air pollution is often associated with harmful industrial emissions. This has created the incorrect notion that air pollution only occurs outside the home. Many people even believe that when they get home, with the windows closed, they won’t be breathing in low-quality air anymore. However, air pollution also has causes from your own home that you are most likely not aware of.

Threats from indoor air pollution that you don't know - 1

There are many sources of indoor air pollution that you do not notice

First of all, it is necessary to understand that air pollution is not only related to industrial emissions but also changes in air composition that affect human health and respiratory ability. These components can be fine dust, volatile household chemicals, smoke,…

Threats from indoor air pollution that you don't know - 2

Easily check indoor air quality with a fine dust meter

In fact, there are patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, … can not improve because the air in the place they live is not good. Right now, if you still believe that the air in your home is very good, try testing it with an air quality meter. The results can be very surprising!

5 causes of indoor air pollution

First of all, dust. This is also the type of dust you most often see when cleaning your house. Cloth dust is formed from the surface of cloth items such as clothes, towels, carpets, … after a process of use. These fibers either clump or fragment and float in the air. With long-term exposure to dust, we run the risk of developing a dry cough or, more seriously, bronchitis.

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Fabric dust is one of the leading “culprits” of indoor air pollution

Next is cigarette smoke, which contains thousands of harmful chemicals, the most dangerous of which are tar and nicotine, which directly affect the respiratory system. If you smoke a cigarette in a poorly ventilated house, it will take many hours before you can feel the smell of tobacco, but the chemical particles in the smoke remain in the air for much longer. .

Cleaning chemicals are also a cause of air pollution. Most cleaning chemicals contain volatile compounds. These substances, when evaporating into the indoor air, cause respiratory irritation.

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Pet hair is also a common contributor to air quality

The fourth cause comes from pets. Pet hair and odors from their waste, if not handled properly, can affect the air quality in your home.

The last but also very important cause is the lack of indoor air convection. The air flow is not circulated regularly, leading to the pollution components remaining in the house, prolonging the pollution situation and causing more negative effects on the health of family members.

Solutions to improve the air in your home

To improve your home’s air pollution, you just need to take these simple steps:

– Clean up more often. Regular cleaning helps to clean a large amount of dust on surfaces, significantly contributing to reducing dust in the air.

– Limit the number of fabric items to reduce fabric dust. If you have a lot of clothes, categorize them into two groups: frequently used and rarely used. Only prioritize hanging clothes that are often used. Hanging too many clothes on the pole is also a cause of dust distribution in your home.

– Design convection air flow in your house. Use windows and fans to create an indoor air convection. This will help keep harmful substances in the air out of your home. However, you should note that the incoming air must be guaranteed to be fresh, non-polluting air.

Threats from indoor air pollution that you don't know - 5

Levoit Core 300s air purifier with modern design and super-fine filtration

The above solutions will help limit some of the air pollution in your home. To be more effective, owning an air purifier is essential. You just need to choose a filter with a capacity suitable for the area of ​​​​the room and pay attention to the machine’s ability to filter fine dust and eliminate odors.

Modern air purifiers like the Levoit Core 300s have a compact design but the ability to filter air for a room with an area of ​​41m2, guaranteeing to filter up to 97.99% of fine dust with a 3-layer filter. Quickly manage air pollutants in your home such as dust, pet hair, smoke, … In addition, Levoit Core 300s is also equipped with VortexAir technology that allows the machine to accelerate the air purification speed when necessary, needs. At the same time, the Levoit Core 300s is considered to be a fairly quiet machine with a noise level of only about 24dB in night mode, making sure not to affect your sleep. The ability to connect to a smartphone application of the Levoit Core 300s turns it into a smart purifier that can be controlled remotely or by voice to help you have the most enjoyable usage experience.

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