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The truth behind many surprises

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyen Xuan Ninh

In the past, when eating chicken, many seniors still used the phrase “hand first, tail second” (hand consists of the head, neck and tail of a fish), but nowadays those parts are considered unkind. for health. Therefore, there is a lot of information that eating chicken neck is very dirty, many glands can cause cancer. Chicken fishing floats also contain a lot of dirt and should not be used. Even chicken skin is considered unhealthy, and one should avoid eating it.

So from a scientific point of view, is the above information really accurate and down to earth? According to nutritionists, this is incorrect information because eating the chicken part above affects health or not because the amount of food eaten is more or less, is it clean or not?

Chicken skin causes cancer: Wrong

This is a statement from Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nguyen Xuan Ninh – Nutritionist, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Institute of Applied Medicine.

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Goosebumps don’t cause cancer as some rumors say.

According to PGS Ninh, it is true that chicken skin contains a lot of fat, but this fat is better than pork fat, beef fat and animal fat in general. In addition, chicken skin also has many nutrients, such as protein and collagen, which help improve skin oxygen absorption, increase skin elasticity and moisturize, anti-aging skin…

However, the drawback of chicken skin is that it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol, so when eating it is necessary to pay attention to the dosage, do not eat a lot because it will increase the amount of energy that enters the body. “So far, there has been no official recommendation that eating chicken skin is associated with cancer risk,” said Assoc Prof. Dr. Ninh.

Very dirty chicken neck, lots of knots: This is partly true.

TS.BS Tu Ngu – Secretary General of the Vietnam Nutrition Association said that the chicken neck does contain some nodes, which we can detect when dissecting the chicken. Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the release during processing and pre-processing, the chicken neck will not be hygienic. On the other hand, if the slaughter and pre-processing is clean, it is possible to use the chicken neck like any other part of the chicken. In fact, it is a very good source of collagen for the body, especially the elderly.

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Chicken neck if cleaned will be a very good source of collagen supplements for the body.

“I myself, when I eat chicken, I still eat all the neck, even chew all the bones. Chicken neck bones are not as hard as wing bones or thigh bones, if the teeth are strong they can be eaten. Because in this way, you will make full use of the collagen in it, which is necessary for the skin and skeletal system, especially for the elderly,” says Dr. Tu Ngu.

Invalid chicken feet: Wrong.

Dr Tu Ngu said that chicken feet have a lot of skin, veins and cartilage. Although it contains much less nutrients than meat, it provides more collagen. Therefore, if someone has healthy teeth and likes to eat chicken feet, it is very possible to use it because it has certain benefits for the body.

Dr Tu Ngu also suggested that many people now use chicken feet to marinate in fish sauce, making lemongrass chicken feet sweet and sour… that dish only changes the taste when eating. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of salt when soaking chicken feet, because too much sodium is not good for the body, especially for people with cardiovascular disease and blood pressure.

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Although chicken feet are not rich in nutrients, they have certain values ​​for the body.

Chicken floats contain a lot of bacteria: Not true!

TS.BS Nguyen Trong Hung – Head of the Adult Nutrition Examination and Counseling Department (National Institute of Nutrition) said that not only the fishing line but all other parts of the chicken, if not slaughtered hygienically, will become a reservoir of bacteria.

As for the chicken float, if it has been cleaned and cooked, it can be used according to each person’s taste. However, from a nutritional point of view, the chicken float contains a lot of fat, so the meal feels tender and greasy, but this is also the cause of dyslipidemia, obesity … if used too much, it is not controlled.

“Eating fish with a lot of fat and cholesterol can be harmful to health, not at all good for patients with cardiovascular disease, blood lipid disorders”, advises Dr. Hung.

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