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The US persistently ‘keeps an eye’ on China in the East Sea

The US is determined to 'keep an eye on' China in the East Sea
A Chinese submarine exercises in the South China Sea in January. (Source: China Military)

Keep practicing

Two new notices posted on the website of China’s Maritime Administration (MSA) on March 24 show that China will continue to conduct exercises in the East Sea in the near future.

Specifically, the first announcement stated that the live-fire drills will take place in the East Sea from March 25-26. The comparison results of 4 coordinates that limit the exercise area mentioned in the notice on Google Maps show that the area seems to be located in the north of the East Sea.

The second announcement stated that an exercise will take place in the South China Sea from March 25 to April 7. The comparison results of the 4 coordinates that limit the exercise area stated in the announcement show that the exercise area seems to be located near the southeast coast of China’s Hainan island. Both notices did not specify the size of the exercise, only banning ships from entering the relevant area.

At the same time, these days, the sheet Global Times China continuously publishes information showing that Beijing is strengthening the operational capabilities of its air force in the South China Sea.

On March 23, it was reported that the Chinese military (PLA) received an upgraded version of the J-11B fighter, and this fighter version participated in recent exercises in the South China Sea.

Sheet South China Morning Post The same day also reported that the Chinese Navy had a high-intensity exercise with the upgraded J-11B fighter model in the East Sea, after this model was handed over in series.

The enhancement of modern fighter lines and the ability to fly for a long time in the South China Sea is considered an attempt to strengthen Beijing’s air force in this sea.

The US is determined to 'keep an eye on' China in the East Sea
The amphibious assault ship USS Miguel Keith sets sail in the Pacific Ocean in August 2021. (Source: US Navy)

Mobile expeditionary base “appears”

At the same time, according to Global TimesThe US also put a mobile expeditionary base in the East Sea. On March 20, Admiral John C. Aquilino, Commander of the US Indo-Pacific, personally participated in an aerial reconnaissance in this important sea. A day later, for the first time, the US Navy decided to send the USS Miguel Keith mobile expeditionary base to the South China Sea.

On March 21, satellite images showed that the amphibious ship USS Miguel Keith entered the South China Sea for the first time.

With a displacement of more than 90,000 tons, the USS Miguel Keith is one of the largest warships, second only to the US super carriers. USS Miguel Keith is the third ship of the Lewis B. Puller class, which can perform some of the missions of a mobile expeditionary base, such as serving as a landing site for heavy helicopters, providing logistical support, or operating as a base. a command and control center.

The USS Miguel Keith played a key role in the US-Japan joint exercise Noble Fusion in February. The USS Miguel Keith is likely to participate in many military exercises and events in the East Sea and neighboring areas. due to its multitasking.

The US and Western countries such as the UK, France and Germany have recently increased their military presence and freedom of navigation patrols in the South China Sea, amid escalating tensions due to China’s naval expansion and establishment. military outposts on artificial islands illegally built in the area.

The US has repeatedly opposed China’s unreasonable claims in the region, accusing it of militarizing the South China Sea. The US State Department’s Bureau of Oceans, International Environment, and Scientific Affairs on January 12 released a 47-page document that refutes the geographical and historical basis for China’s illegal claims in the South China Sea. East Sea.

An unnamed Chinese military expert commented to the newspaper Global Times The fact that US surveillance ships are operating near China indicates that the Pentagon is on the lookout for an underwater war, or a potential conflict with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). With Beijing’s anti-ship missile potential growing rapidly, Washington realizes that its surface ships will no longer be able to operate around China for long.

This shows that the Joe administration has resolutely kept an eye on China, despite the ongoing geopolitical crises in many other parts of the world, such as the conflict in Ukraine.

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