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Toyota Veloz Cross sells ‘beer with beans’ for 50 million VND

The high version Veloz Cross Top is priced at 20-30 million in Hanoi and 40-50 million at dealers in Ho Chi Minh City.

Just a few days after Veloz cross together Avanza Premium Launched on March 22, the car more interested in Veloz has faced the familiar “beer with nuts” situation. Dealers in Ho Chi Minh City suggested that customers buy more accessories worth VND 40-50 million for the CVT Top version to receive the car for delivery in early April, otherwise need to wait until June and July. Accessory package includes glass sticker, floor covering, dashboard camera…

In Hanoi, the situation is not as “fever” as in the south. In particular, some dealers need 20-30 million VND for accessories, even some agents are still signing for the right price. Customers receive the car in late April or early May. There is always less demand for 7-seater cars in the north than customers in the south, so the “lost” rate is also different. While customers in Hanoi are mostly families, customers in Ho Chi Minh City run service cars, so 7-seater cars are preferred.

The Veloz Cross model was launched on March 22.  Photo: Toyota Vietnam

The Veloz Cross model was launched on March 22. Photo: Toyota Vietnam

According to the dealer, the price is only the CVT Top version because the number of customers is more than in reality. Source of VnExpress According to the company, the number of returning cars is currently at an 80/20 ratio between CVT (648 million) and CVT Top (688 million), meaning that customers will primarily buy the CVT version. When in reality, this figure is almost 50/50 similarity between the two copies. Demand for the Top version was high, but the number of cars available for delivery was low, so dealers took the opportunity to sell “beer with nuts” to increase profits. Over the past few days, on average, more than 200 customers have ordered Veloz daily across the country.

Toyota Vietnam said this is not company policy and will try to handle the matter strictly at dealerships. Toyota also recommends that customers send feedback to the company if they detect a “beer with nuts” problem at dealerships.

The price of 688 million CVT Top version if added 50 million accessories will be equivalent to the price of 730 million Corolla Cross G (lowest version) or Corolla Altis 1.8G should be able to make customers who mostly go to small families hesitate. The advantage of the Veloz Top version is that it has the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) safety technology package, while the two low-end Corolla models do not have it.

While Veloz caused a fever, the Avanza Premio sibling has not received much attention, at this time the car is still sold at full price, the number of customers interested in the dealership is also less. Toyota has set a sales target of 1,500 vehicles per month for both models. The company is also open about the future Hurry up in Vietnam.

Currently, Toyota Vietnam only install Vios, innovation and Fortunerthe best-selling Vios, Fortuner is no longer at its peak and the Innova will “disappear”. The Vios a few years ago sold nearly 30,000 cars a year, but by 2021 it had dropped to nearly 20,000 cars.

The rest of the car models are mostly imported from Thailand hilux, Camry, Corolla Altis, Corolla Crossthe rest is imported from Indonesia is Wigopart of Fortuner and Hurry up.

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