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‘Traffic fun’ creates a sense of civilized and safe traffic for children

The “Traffic Fun” program has completed a journey to help children become more interested and eager to discover basic traffic knowledge naturally, starting to form themselves a sense of civilized traffic participation. safe.

'Traffic fun' creates a sense of civilized and safe traffic for children

Useful and lively traffic safety education program for children 3-5 years old

After more than 6 months of broadcasting a series of cartoons called “Traffic fun” on television, the program “I love Vietnam” has attracted millions of children and received many positive feedbacks from schools, parents…

First broadcast in 2004, “I Love Vietnam” is a program on traffic safety and safe driving skills implemented by Honda Vietnam (HVN) in collaboration with the Commission. National Traffic Safety, Traffic Police Department – Ministry of Public Security, Television, Voice of Vietnam.

In September 2020, “I Love Vietnam” comes back with a completely new version called “Traffic fun”, focusing on preschool age (from 3 to 5 years old). This is the age to form awareness, love to explore the world around and also start participating in traffic.

After 2 seasons of airing, the program has become familiar and a close “companion” of children every Saturday. A series of 52 animated episodes aired on entertainment TV channel VTV3, the official Youtube channel “I Love Vietnam” and POPS Kids TV. Each episode is an adventure with easy-to-understand and memorable traffic rules conveyed to the children through the innocent and vivid prism of lovely cartoon characters: Bi (monkey), Bo (cat), ben (gecko). In particular, the episodes in the season two version of “Traffic Fun” also feature “Professor” – a special leader with interesting tasks at “Traffic Fun Command”.

'Traffic fun' creates a sense of civilized and safe traffic for children

In addition to a series of funny, fun and educational cartoons, the program also provides children with playgrounds to unleash their creativity with attractive rewards such as: dance challenge “Happy Traffic” ; photo contest “Traffic Fun Moments”; contest “Traffic photography – Knowledge contest”; Take pictures with the photo frame of the program “Traffic fun” and receive attractive gifts in the series of events “Family Day” of Honda Vietnam.

Engaging content, real situations, lively guides… are the factors that have helped “Traffic Fun” become a program loved and looked forward to by children all over the country every week. Not only that, “Traffic fun” also received positive reviews from parents.

Commenting on the program, Mr. Dinh Vuong Linh (Tay Tuu ward, Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi) shared: “My daughter loves watching and following cartoon characters such as: wearing a helmet, recognize red and green lights… Even after watching, they asked me to take out a helmet and take out the car to practice. When watching the program with my children, I also feel that I have strengthened my knowledge about traffic safety.”

'Traffic fun' creates a sense of civilized and safe traffic for children

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Ta Thi Hong Minh – Deputy Head of the Traffic Accident Investigation and Investigation Department (Department of Traffic Police, Ministry of Public Security) commented: “With basic, simple and practical traffic safety knowledge, it was adapted. into vivid and colorful stories through interesting cartoon characters, the program has made traffic safety knowledge closer to children, easy to understand, easy to remember and excited to follow. Follow me to meet my favorite characters.”

'Traffic fun' creates a sense of civilized and safe traffic for children

A representative of HVN expressed: “The eagerness to watch from the children, the support from the parents and the high recognition from the authorities are invaluable rewards for the program. after 2 years of broadcasting. HVN hopes that the 52 episodes season 1 and season 2 of “Traffic fun” will become an effective and useful source of traffic safety education materials for children as well as parents and schools – for a cultural traffic society smart and safe. This is also the motivation for Honda Vietnam to make more efforts in the next projects on traffic safety.”

Diversify forms of traffic safety training in schools

In the past school year, HVN continued to coordinate with the Department of Early Childhood Education, Ministry of Education and Training to implement the traffic safety program “I Love Vietnam” directly for about 1.5 million children in more than 5,000 kindergartens. young in 23 provinces/cities. Lectures have appropriate content, vivid presentation and intuitive and attractive teaching methods. Thanks to that, the young people both have the opportunity to practice, “play and learn” the knowledge about traffic safety, more interested and excited to look forward to each lesson on traffic safety. This is the foundation for the little ones to gradually remember and form a sense of participation in traffic, as well as protect themselves against risks when participating in traffic.

In the coming time, the program “I love Vietnam” with new and attractive content and forms will continue to be implemented in preschools, in order to further raise the awareness of traffic safety among children. Children aged 3 – 5. These are the continuous efforts of HVN in addition to actively implementing other activities on traffic safety, fulfilling its commitment to “bringing a free, safe and comfortable life, spreading joy to everyone”.

'Traffic fun' creates a sense of civilized and safe traffic for children

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